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Review // MAC Eyeshadow in Seedy Pearl

If you know me well then you will know that I wear a lot of smokey brown and neutral toned eyeshadows. Occassionally I venture outside of my safe zone and try a cranberry eyeshadow (see: MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry review here). But what about lavender? I have had this eyeshadow for about 10 months and haven't used it. It has been sat in my room since Christmas and I haven't got round to using it. I think someone bought it for me for Christmas as it definitely isn't an eyeshadow I would have gone out and bought myself. Not to say I don't like it, it's just not something I would have been drawn to.

MAC Eyeshadow in Seedy Pearl is described as a 'chilled lavender pink' on the website which I completely agree with. Being a frost eyeshadow, it has a beautiful iridescent, shimmery appearance which my camera can't seem to pick up but it looks so much better in real life.  I had a bit of a struggle in swatching it. I am naturally very pale so needed a few layers of Seedy Pearl in order for it to show up on my skin. When it came to applying it to my eyelids, I first applied my MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a base before applying a good few layers with a flat Avon eyeshadow brush.

The results are really, really subtle. I imagine if you aren't as pale as I am then Seedy Pearl would show up a lot more on your skin than it does on mine and the results wouldn't be as subtle. I found it really hard to get the eyeshadow to show up on my camera as the shimmer is more noticeable than the colour in real life and sadly, neither of them really come across in the photographs.

Whilst I won't be reaching for Seedy Pearl everyday, I definitely will be reaching for it when I want a soft, neutral, subtle colour on the eyelids. I can see myself wearing it a lot in the spring/summer when I want my make-up to be a lot lighter but for now, pass me the dark, smokey, bronzey eyeshadows!

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