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Outfits // The Missguided Supermodel Tee

Jacket - New Look
Boots - New Look
Bag - Primark

I love this top.
As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. Then I saw Jourdan Dunn wearing it and I wanted it even more. It sold out ridiculously quickly and has just been added back onto the website so if you are quick, you might be able to grab one. It is ridiculously oversized so size down if possible. Mine is a little too big so the hem and the sleeves are rolled up about 18 times but hey, I like it. It is super easy to wear too.

I bought these jeans in Forever 21 on Oxford Street the other day. I walked in a little bewildered and bumbled my way around in a bit of a daze at all of the gorgeous coloured faux fur gilets on offer and took a heap of clothing to the fitting rooms. Somehow I managed to pick up these ripped jeans. I like them as they aren't the stereotypical ones from Topshop everyone is wearing and I adore the little rips on the thighs that still manage to maintain a tiny bit of dignity. Sizing wise, I have no idea what size they are or how F21 size their jeans but I bought a 27 which was far too big for me in a different style of jean but with these ones they fit okay. Their website has a great sizing chart if you get a little stuck.

I absolutely adore this little bag with detachable crossover straps. I bought it for my sister as a little birthday present, I think it was around £6 from Primark, and luckily for me she absolutely hated it so her loss is definitely my gain! Yes, my purse is so big it probably wouldn't fit into it but it's a cute little 'out and about' bag.

Review // Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in In With Coral

Forever a lover of matte lipsticks, I recently bought these three Lip Pencils from Maybelline. I couldn't decide which one to buy so I thought I'd just buy 'em all! There are 10 different shades in the range and quite frankily, I could have quite happily bought them all. There is definitely a shade made for everyone!

The Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils are fun-sized crayon pencils with chunky nibs which pack plenty of colour. They are semi-matte with the colour very much packed with pigment.

What Maybelline say about their Velvet Lip Pencils:
"Our slim lip kohl makes lips pop with on trend shades and a creamy texture."

The first Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil I will be reviewing is in the shade In With Coral. As the name states, it is a really creamy pink toned coral which will look very pretty in the summer months with a bit of a tan. 
I found that your lips have to be in really good condition to make these lip pencils receive their full potential. They do seem to show up dry areas on the lips slightly so using a lip balm and exfoliating beforehand is crucial. It was fairly easy to apply, it glided on with ease and didn't drag or pull at all. I did, however, find it slightly drying on the lips. This will probably be down to not applying lip balm beforehand so it can be a tiny bit uncomfortable otherwise.

Overall, I really love these little Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils. They are great dupes to the Nars Velvet Matte Pencils for a fraction of the price. I found that In With Coral didn't last too long on the lips but I did eat and drink a lot that day. It was easy to apply, the pigmentation is amazing and the selection of shades available is incredible. You do need to prep the lips beforehand as they do show up dry skin and because of this, it can be a little uncomfortable but as a whole, for £4.99 they are great value for money!

Review // Seventeen Back Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

Seventeen Back Lash Mascara - £6.49
Forever on the hunt for a new mascara to see if I can find one that outshines my beloved Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, I picked up the Seventeen Back Lash Mascara whilst on a recent shopping trip. I was really drawn to the packaging which is a real bitch to photograph. I hadn't heard of the Seventeen Back Lash Mascara before I bought it so thought it was a new product launched but after a little google I found out that it has actually been around for a while.

What Seventeen say about their Back Lash Mascara:

"You can have it all. Volume. Length. Definition. Lift. 100% greater lash impact. The evenly spaced fibres of the brush gently combs through lashes to deliver an even coverage of mascara from root to tip, without being overloaded. The tip of the brush is shaped to catch the smaller corner lashes."

I really like the packaging to the mascara which has a regular twist up lid. I wish it would make a little clicking sound when it was fully closed so I knew that it was properly closed as I am a little worried it would dry out quickly. It has a standard bristle brush to it which is smaller at the tip to make it easier to get into the small corners of the eyes. As mascara wands go, it is very standard but sometimes, that's all you want from a mascara.

I really love the natural results Back Lash gives. The colour is black, like it states, and the mascara gives definition, volume and lift as well as separating the lashes. I love the results after one coat of Back Lash (first photo) and have often left my eyelashes like that rather than adding a few more coats, top and bottom. 

Overall, I really love the results Back Lash gives. It delivers all it claims and the results are lovely and natural. The formula isn't too wet or dry, nor does it transfer onto the eyelids which I often find from some mascaras. Next time you pop into Boots, give it a try!

Wishlist // 21st Birthday

You only officially turn 21 once, despite how many times you declare that you are 21 at "your next birthday" even though you turned 21 four years ago. But what do you get someone or wish for on your 21st? You don't just buy anyone anything when they turn 21. A 'The Vamps' CD will simply not do. You need something special.. something memorable.. something you can keep for years and everytime you look at it, you think, "I got that when I was 21" So, pals, take note!

I think jewellery is a great place to start. Buying some special a piece of jewellery means everytime they wear it, they will remember their special birthday, who bought it for them and more importantly, they could wear it all the time and get the cost per wear down. My one worry of recieving a nice piece of jewellery is being too scared to wear it in case I knock it and it breaks, or I lose it or scratch it. Perhaps you could buy them insurance that includes loss to go alongside it!
THREE: Tiffany Bead Bracelet / Tiffany Lock Pendant / Tiffany Knot Pendant / Tiffany Arrow Pendant
Watches! Everyone needs to know the time so why not buy them a watch in order to do so? I know some people find watches a waste of money as they would rather check their phone instead but I much prefer a watch which I can match my outfit with. Plus, your watch battery lasts more than 4 hours.
ONE: Marc Jacobs Baker Gold Watch / Michael Kors Cooper Rose Gold Watch / Armani Exchange Active Rose Gold Watch / Marc Jacobs Amy Rose Gold Watch
TWO: Marc Jacobs Amy Gold Watch / Karl Lagerfield Chain Gold Watch / Armani Exchange Active Gold Watch / Marc Jacobs Baker Gold Watch
THREE: Fossil Cecil Rose Gold Watch / Michael Kors Rose Gold Sport Watch / Fossil Riley Rose Gold Watch / Marc Jacobs Blade Rose Gold Watch
What about a lovely, expensive handbag? My reasoning for this (and the reason why I wrote the name of the bag I want on a piece of paper and slipped it under my Mum's bedroom door) is that I can pass it on to my future children when I die. We all win. It's an investment piece. In the future these things might be worth a fortune, we, as human beings, should invest in this stuff. Plus they make our arms look nice as we carry them with pride. 
ONE: Mulberry Willow Tote / Michael Kors Selma Tote / Givenchy Antigona Bag
TWO: Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Bag / Chloe Clare Shoulder Bag / Mulberry Willow Tote
THREE: Michael Kors Selma Tote / 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Trapeze Bag / Givenchy Pandora Bag
What about shoes, perhaps? Like above, you could pass them on to your future children or just keep them in the box in your wardrobe and every once in a while, pull them out and stroke them, thinking of the fond memories you formed when you were 21.
One: Christian Louboutin Malabar Hill Spiked Pumps / Jimmy Choo Abel Pumps / Christian Louboutin Follies Resille Pumps
Two: Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes Pumps / Sophia Webster Nicole Feather Trimmed Sandals / Christian Louboutin Bille Et Boule Pumps 
Three: Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals / Charlotte Olympia Dolly Pumps / Saint Laurent Jane Chain-Embellished Sandals
Other excellent gifts include:
A basket full of puppies.
Everyone loves puppies.
A life-size cutout of Harry Styles.
Everyone loves Harry Styles. And if they don't then there's something strange about them. Uhh, I mean, there are 4 other 1D band members to choose from.
HD Brows.
Everyone needs a strong brow.
(Images from Google.)

As for me? Well, I imagine I will be receiving a £20 gift voucher from New Look for my 21st, which is on the 21st of this month. If my Mum happens to learn how to use the internet between now and then without my help, then the Michael Kors Selma will suffice. No preference to colour.
(P.S, friends, if you are reading this, please don't buy me a life-size cutout of Harry Styles for my birthday. As much as I adore the guy, my bedroom is only big enough for one of us. And it ain't gonna be him.)

Review // MAC Eyeshadow in Seedy Pearl

If you know me well then you will know that I wear a lot of smokey brown and neutral toned eyeshadows. Occassionally I venture outside of my safe zone and try a cranberry eyeshadow (see: MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry review here). But what about lavender? I have had this eyeshadow for about 10 months and haven't used it. It has been sat in my room since Christmas and I haven't got round to using it. I think someone bought it for me for Christmas as it definitely isn't an eyeshadow I would have gone out and bought myself. Not to say I don't like it, it's just not something I would have been drawn to.

MAC Eyeshadow in Seedy Pearl is described as a 'chilled lavender pink' on the website which I completely agree with. Being a frost eyeshadow, it has a beautiful iridescent, shimmery appearance which my camera can't seem to pick up but it looks so much better in real life.  I had a bit of a struggle in swatching it. I am naturally very pale so needed a few layers of Seedy Pearl in order for it to show up on my skin. When it came to applying it to my eyelids, I first applied my MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a base before applying a good few layers with a flat Avon eyeshadow brush.

The results are really, really subtle. I imagine if you aren't as pale as I am then Seedy Pearl would show up a lot more on your skin than it does on mine and the results wouldn't be as subtle. I found it really hard to get the eyeshadow to show up on my camera as the shimmer is more noticeable than the colour in real life and sadly, neither of them really come across in the photographs.

Whilst I won't be reaching for Seedy Pearl everyday, I definitely will be reaching for it when I want a soft, neutral, subtle colour on the eyelids. I can see myself wearing it a lot in the spring/summer when I want my make-up to be a lot lighter but for now, pass me the dark, smokey, bronzey eyeshadows!