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Review // Seventeen Colour Carnival Nail Varnish in Purple Glitter

Does anyone remember when I used to buy a new nail varnish each week? I now have quite the hefty collection. So much so that I had to stop buying it as I ended up just buying dupes of dupes of nail varnishes that I already owned. Luckily, I recently managed to find a nail varnish that I haven't owned in one way or another. The best bit? It was £1.99.

 In my local Boots store was a stand of Seventeen's Colour Carnival Nail Varnish which has 60 different shades and varieties. I stood and uhhm-ed and ahh-ed for about 15 minutes. The variety and possibility was too much for me to handle so I haphazardly chose 2 nail varnishes. The first one being Purple Glitter. Purple Glitter is a purple based varnish with small, tiny particles of irredescent glitter running throughout. It is a really beautiful nail varnish and it's a shame as my photos do it no justice at all.

Purple Glitter applies pretty sheer so a good few layers are needed for each nail. In the photos above I applied 3 layers but I think I may have needed an extra layer, just to get a deeper base colour. As nail varnishes go, this one dried pretty quickly and I didn't manage to smudge it either which is a great surprise to us all! Overall, a really cheap nail varnish which needs a good few layers to build up colour but once it's there, it packs a punch. For £1.99 you can't really go wrong and as there are 60 shades, there is bound to be something to suit everyones tastes.