Review // MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry

Autumn is all about bronzey eye make-up and berry lips. But what about the other way round? What about berry eyes and bronzey lips? I've got the berry eyes covered. Enter MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry. I bought this a very long time ago, left it in my cupboard and forgot all about it. When I had a very much needed sort through my make-up last week I rediscovered it and plucked up the courage to use it - and guess what? It's a bit of a dream.

Cranberry is a beautiful deep raspberry with a subtle shimmer which can look a little intimidating in the pan. It is rather bright when applied so I know a lot of people apply it with other eyeshadows in order to tone down the colour a little but I decided to test it out on it's own. After applying my beloved MAC Painterly Paint Pot all over my eyelid as a primer, I then applied Cranberry using a flat ELF eyeshadow brush. It is wonderfully easy to apply and is beautifully soft in the pan. I really expected a lot of fall out from this eyeshadow and expected to have to re-do my foundation afterwards but hardly any of it fell out which is great and pleasantly surprising!

Like I thought, Cranberry applies very bright and vibrant on the eyelids. I applied two layers of it to get maximum, vibrant colour then applied a little bit underneath the eye too. I instantly fell in love with the results and although I won't be wearing Cranberry on it's own everyday to work, I reckon it would work wonderfully well paired with another eyeshadow to tone it all down a little bit. I wore Cranberry for about 8 hours and it didn't wear or fade at all although I was wearing Painterly underneath. Like all of MAC's other eyeshadows, it is a beautiful vibrant cover which is a dream to apply. I will definitely be wearing Cranberry throughout the Autumn!


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