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Skincare // Lazy Skincare

I'm gonna let you all into a little secret.. I am really lazy when it comes to my skincare regime. When I was younger, my outlook on it would be "I wake up, I have skin" but now I am trying to change my ways, especially since I'm not 14 years old anymore. Times a tickin' and wrinkles are already a worry for me. Perhaps I will get wrinkles due to worrying about wrinkles?

I'm slowly trying to get myself into a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising daily using exfoliators and face masks a couple of times a week too. I'll be honest and say that some days I just can't be bothered and end up missing a couple of steps out - luckily nothing terrible has happened because of this. Oh, and I also use make-up wipes which is the ultimate sin I know but they are a matter of convenience and again, my skin hasn't changed for the worse since using them. I have a hoard of products which have taken over my bedroom and our family bathroom which I'm trying to use consistently in order to declare to everyone that I have a 'skincare routine'. All of the products I use are relatively cheap from drug stores and from the high street.
Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser - £18 (review here)
 A beautifully fresh scented gentle facial cleanser. It doesn't foam up too well but it feels lovely on the skin and is my go-to, everyday cleanser.
A clean, creamy cleansing balm which is slightly thicker in consistency to Purity. It feels more luxurious than Purity which is odd considering it's half the price but I feel like my skin is completely clean and free of any dirt or make-up once I've used it. If I were to choose between the two above then this would be my preferred option. 
Skinsystem Foaming Facial Scrub - £1 (review here)
This is a great, cheap exfoliator. It takes a while to get it to foam up and it could do with a few more scrubby particles but it takes away any dry areas of the skin and does the job well. I do find that it leaves the skin feeling a little tight, however.
Again, another really cheap exfoliator. I don't find the particles to be any rougher than the scrub above but it leaves my skin feeling much softer than the other. Neither of them are particularly amazing but they do the job.
A much cheaper to an Origins Charcoal Mask, this mask does it's job well in removing impurities and deeply cleansing. Once it dries any impurities are revealed in the mask which are then to be drawn out. It sounds, and looks, utterly bizarre but it really works and leaves the skin looking clearer. It has an odd smell though.
This is a lovely thick and creamy pale blue mask which dries to white once it's job is done. After washing off with warm water the skin feels soft but results aren't immediately visible.
Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Clay Mask - £3.50
Again, another thick and creamy mask from Avon. This Pore Penetrating Mask is a light green in colour and dries white. Like the mask above, the skin is left feeling soft but results aren't immediately visible.
Toner and Moisturiser
I think this was the first toner I ever bought and I still repurchase it, even now. It is gentle on the skin, really refreshing and takes off any remaining scraps of make-up. I find that some days it feels a little sore on the skin, almost like a burning sensation but I think that might be just me?! The Body Shop and Nivea toners are my faves.
I really love this moisturiser. It is so light and refreshing - it is perfect for warmer months and perfect for mixing foundation into. I probably won't be using this moisturiser in winter, preferring something a bit more thicker and creamier in consistency to help with affects cold weather brings but this a definite summer fave.

What are staples in your current skincare regime?

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