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Life Through Instagram // Two

This week.. I have not done much. Honestly, my life is so boring I struggle to find photos to share with the world via Instagram but alas, here we are. Also I am sorry my blogging has been so slack recently. I feel like I have no 'oomph' at the moment. Instead I find that I am spending my time admiring photos of boybands on the internet which isn't as productive but nearly as much fun.
1. nails / impulse purchase from eBay / iced coffee with friends
2. new Timberland style boots from Primark / outfit / obligatory photo of 'the' jumper
3. fell in love with this playsuit from River Island / ted after being a naughty boy and throwing himself into a swamp / life motto
4. another iced coffee / got stuck in this dress in Topshop and it was a terribly embarrassing experience / pain au chocolat
5. big 5sos fan / must have dreamy a/w coat / more ripped jeans
6. ultimate dream car / sat in dream car and refused to get out / ultimate ripped jeans

So in a whole, a lot of ripped jeans, a lot of time spent in changing rooms, a lot of time spent by my mother trying to coax me out of a mint Fiat 500 and a hell of a lot of iced coffee.