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Life Through Instagram // Two

This week.. I have not done much. Honestly, my life is so boring I struggle to find photos to share with the world via Instagram but alas, here we are. Also I am sorry my blogging has been so slack recently. I feel like I have no 'oomph' at the moment. Instead I find that I am spending my time admiring photos of boybands on the internet which isn't as productive but nearly as much fun.
1. nails / impulse purchase from eBay / iced coffee with friends
2. new Timberland style boots from Primark / outfit / obligatory photo of 'the' jumper
3. fell in love with this playsuit from River Island / ted after being a naughty boy and throwing himself into a swamp / life motto
4. another iced coffee / got stuck in this dress in Topshop and it was a terribly embarrassing experience / pain au chocolat
5. big 5sos fan / must have dreamy a/w coat / more ripped jeans
6. ultimate dream car / sat in dream car and refused to get out / ultimate ripped jeans

So in a whole, a lot of ripped jeans, a lot of time spent in changing rooms, a lot of time spent by my mother trying to coax me out of a mint Fiat 500 and a hell of a lot of iced coffee.

Review // Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvet Lipstick in Ole Famingo

Ahhh, matte lipstick. An old enemy of mine. Get it right and god, does it look good. Get it wrong and, well, let's just say it should be wiped off immediately and pushed to the bottom of the make-up bag. The problem I have with matte lipsticks is the dryness, the uncomfortable-ness and the heaviness on the lips. Barry M 147 was my first matte lipstick and it really put me off them. It was so drying, so uncomfortable to wear and so unforgiving. Any dryness is immediately highlighted and heightened, the lipstick seeps into any lines in the lips... It ain't a pretty sight. Enter Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvet Lipsticks!

What Bourjois say about them:
"Bold, matte and long-lasting colour with 24 hour hold. It's lightweight, velvety texture and non-drying formula gives extreme comfort that doesn't smudge!"

How to apply:
"Apply using your fingertips for a softer look or use the applicator and build up coverage for an intense statement pout!"

All of the Bourjois Rogue Edition Velvet Lipsticks come in a little screw up tube with a doe foot, sponge applicator inside. The applicator is really daunting and actually, I found it quite hard to use. It was easy to use when filling in the middle of the lips but when trying to get into the corners of the mouth I managed to get it everywhere due to the tip of the applicator being quite large and not small enough for a neat, precise application which is a shame. Ole Flamingo is a hot, raspberry pink. It is very bright and 'out there' so I personally wouldn't wear it during the day to the shops etc as I probably couldn't pull that off but if you could, good on you.

Obviously it is a matte lipstick so it dries matte on the lips. When I first swatched it on my arm, I didn't think it was particularly matte but when dried on the lips it definitely is. The first thing I noticed when I tried to apply this lipstick is the smell. It doesn't smell like vanilla a la MAC, nor does it smell like peppermint a la Revlon. I'm not too sure what it smells like actually but to be honest, it isn't very nice. It is really off-putting. Unfortunately the smell lingers on the lips which I don't particularly like and it tastes a little odd too BUT the lipstick itself is REALLY good.

Once applied, dried, and the smelt dealt with, I really loved the finished look. It dried within moments and feels beautifully velvety and light on the lips. The colour is striking and unlike other matte lipsticks, it doesn't seep into the lips nor does it show up dry areas on the lips too badly. Exfoliating and prepping beforehand is a must generally but when it comes to matte lipsticks, they are a definite, just in case. Bourjois claim the Velvet Lipsticks last 24 hours and whilst I didn't have Ole Flamingo on my lips for that length of time, I did have it swatched on my arm and, my gosh, it was there for days. I scrubbed, and I scrubbed, and I scrubbed, and it would not budge. I found that it came off fairly easily with a waterproof make-up remover but it did leave a little bit of a tint afterwards.

Available in 8 different shades, I believe that if you want to start off in the world of matte lipsticks then this is a great place to start. The colour is pigmented and vivid and lasted a good 4 hours on the lips before I noticed wear. It isn't drying or heavy at all, it is lovely and lightweight and isn't noticeable at all on the lips. The applicator is a little tricky and annoying and the smell of it is really not very pleasant but for the results, I would happily put up with it. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other shades!

Review // Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

My skin at the moment is TERRIBLE. I'm not over-exaggerating. Not one bit. I think the problem is wearing make-up day in, day out but as my skin is so bad, I feel the need to cover it up with more make-up. Anyone else get this feeling?My skin feels and looks grey and oily. I have dozens of spots and gosh, don't get me started on blackheads.. Luckily I may have a product that could possibly cure all of my problems. Enter, Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask.

What Lush say about Cosmetic Warrior:
"Spots! Oily areas! Blackheads! The frustration of having breakout prone skin can incite aggressive, 'industrial' type cleaning. Unfortunately, breakout prone skin is very sensitive, so using harsh cleansers can actually make the problem worse. Don't over attack your skin; lead it firmly down the path to salvation with Cosmetic Warrior. Cosmetic Warrior is kind to problem-laden faces thanks to moisturizing egg white and honey, which smooth and tighten the pores. Antiseptic garlic and tea tree oil effectively clean and disinfect spots for a fresh, clear face."

How to use Cosmetic Warrior:
"Cleanse your face and pat dry. Smooth a good dollop of Fresh Face Mask over your entire face, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. Leave the mask for about ten minutes (do not allow the mask to dry completely). And finally, wash off with warm water and follow with your favourite toner and moisturiser."

"Kaolin - Cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells and debris from the surface.
Fresh Green Grapes - Degreases the skin and gives a thorough cleanse without stripping moisture from the skin.
Organic Free Range Eggs - Maintains healthy skin.
Honey - Moisturising and antiseptic.
Cornstarch - Thickener.
Glycerine - Carries effective ingredients into the skin.
Fresh Garlic - Antiseptic and deep-cleansing which helps to reduce spots and clears the complexion.
Tea Tree Oil - Antibacterial and antiseptic.
Limonene - Sweet, lemon-like odour which is constitute for essential oils.
Perfume - Fragrance."

I have to say, whilst in Lush the lovely girls in the shop were incredibly helpful and were more than happy to help point my sister and I in the right direction with what we were after. They found out what we wanted and picked out products they thought would be perfect for us so, as daunting as it is going into a shop like Lush and having someone ask you if you want help, say yes!

Onto the Face Mask. It is Fresh and has fresh ingredients so it needs to be kept in the fridge and it only has a short shelf life, usually about a month, so don't forget about it as I imagine it will smell a little funky after a while. Also, if you have any relatives that are prone to delving into tubs packed safely away in the fridge, tell them to get their mitts off as, as much as it looks like hummus, I doubt it tastes like it.

Cosmetic Warrior - which, in itself is a fantastic name - comes in a standard 75g black twist-up pot. Inside the mixture looks like hummus with small green pieces in it throughout. If it doesn't look appealing then my gosh, does it not smell it. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I have never smelt anything like it before. And I hope to never again. I applied Cosmetic Warrior how it is suggested, in an even layer all over the face. It is suggested that you leave the mask on for around 10 minutes but I had to take it off after two. The smell alone was so strong and so off-putting, I simply couldn't stomach it. Also, having lumps of grapes slathered onto my face was slightly bizarre and I found myself picking them off as the sight repulsed me!

So far, so bad. After taking Cosmetic Warrior off after it being on the skin for two minutes I was shocked at the results. My skin instantly looked more perked up, any oilyness on the skin had subsided and face felt beautifully soft. Because of this, I will keep at it in hope of getting long term results and I am interested in how it will improve my current spotty situation. I just wish the smell wasn't so bad.

Review // The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

Believe it or not, this is a product my Mother and I fought over. Someone gave it to her, she decided she didn't like it so gave it to me. Then she changed her mind. You can't take back a gift, right? I can't begin to explain to you how good this product smells. I have to be honest and say I don't go to The Body Shop too often. Hardly ever, actually. I have numerous back-ups of the skincare products I use so I don't have a reason to go in there. Had I realised they sold scents then I probably would have rushed back a hell of a lot sooner.

Body Mists aren't something I usually use as I'm more of a perfume gal. The one thing that bothers me about perfume is that it is usually expensive and, do I want to wear my Marc Jacobs to walk the dog? Probably not. So finding a cheaper yet still long wearing scent has been on my agenda for a while. Luckily, I have found it.

What The Body Shop say about their Moringa Body Mist:
"Our Moringa takes on a fresh new form. Spray this light scented body mist all over your body for a gentle burst of delicate florals. It's irresistible. White floral fragrance, light and fresh, use all over body, contains moringa extract."

When I first smelt it, I expected it to be sickly sweet and really overpowering. In fact, it couldn't be further from that. It is beautifully fresh and light which is neither heavy or sweet. I have never smelt anything like it before so I have nothing to compare it to but it is wonderfully fresh and perfect for summer. I also found it to last a really long time. Usually when I apply perfume or other body sprays I can't smell it for longer than a couple of hours but with this Body Mist I find that I can smell it all day long. Towards the end of the day it wears off slightly but in my eyes, it works just as well, if not better than perfume so I don't have any complaints!

I wish I could explain the scent to you but it smells so good and so unique, I literally have nothing to compare it to. It's a fresh and light scent, not sweet or overpowering at all, which lasts a while and lingers on the skin and clothing. At £7.50 for 100ml, I can't praise the Moringa Body Mist enough. In my eyes it works just as well as a perfume for a really affordable price. Best of all, The Body Shop sells 10 other scents so chances are, if this one doesn't take your fancy then you will definitely find one to suit you.