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Review // MAC Lipstick in Please Me

I recently found a bag filled to the brim with unopened make-up products waiting to be reviewed so I could try them out. At the top of the pile was a MAC Lipstick in Please Me. My best and, let's face it, well trained, friends bought this for me for Christmas so I'm a bit ashamed that I forgot all about it. (Sorry guys.) Obviously I didn't pick it myself so it's always a bit hit and miss if your friend is going to like the shade they bought you but they picked so well. I don't know if they read my blog but ages and ages ago I think I wrote a wishlist on here of beauty products that I wanted and this lipstick was on that list so bravo friends, bravo.

Please Me is a matte, muted, rosy tinted pink. I know in the photos above Please Me looks really dark but it is definitely most matched to the last, close up photo. It looks a hell of a lot like an Avon Lipstick in Carnation which I also own so if you were after a dupe then hopefully you will be able to find that somewhere. Like with all matte lipsticks, you should prep the lips beforehand just because they can be notoriously drying. Luckily with this lipstick it isn't really an issue but it's best to be on the safe side. Please Me is really easy, to apply. It isn't drying at all and glides on with ease. It's really pigmented and I found that it lasted about 5 hours on the lips before wearing. I think the only one, small noticeable downside to Please Me is the smell. I haven't usually noticed a smell to MAC lipsticks before but it smells sweetly of vanilla which isn't really to my taste and I found that it lingered for a few hours.

Overall, I love Please Me. It is a pretty, everyday pink which is a 'my lips but better' shade. It is easy to apply, lasts around 5 hours with eating and drinking and isn't drying or uncomfortable at all to wear. At £15.50, MAC lipsticks seem to be getting pricier and pricier but I do believe they are worth it and last a while.


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