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Inspiration // Hair Part Two

I feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a hair rut. The ombre is long gone. As is half of my hair. Eeeeep. A few months ago I could no longer cope with the length of my hair so in a moment of madness I hacked it all off in front of my bathroom mirror. Kinda. My hairdresser did it instead. The nearly waist length hair I had grown for years had gone and I was left with hair so short I couldn't put it up in a ponytail. Well. We all make mistakes.

Whilst I have a good few years to wait for my hair to grow back, I can't help but look at some hair inspiration for the times ahead. At the moment my hair is a light brown/dark, ashy blonde but I'm really considering changing colour too. Dark? Light? Pink? Blue? I don't know why I try and kid myself by compiling these photos. I know for sure that if I took these to my hairdresser I would not get anything near resembling the photo. Whilst I love having short hair (in the fact that it takes two seconds to brush) you can't do much with it and I am a notorious hair player so I need length in order to plait it or deliberately tie it in knots. 

Colour wise part of me wants to get out of my comfort zone. Blonde? Brown? Pfft. Give me pastel hair pronto, please. At the moment whenever I see Demi Lovato's hair I can actually feel jealousy pouring out of my pores but I'm not sure if I am brave enough to commit to a whole head of blue.

What do you think? Suggestions wanted!

(All photos from weheartit and pinterest)