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Review // Vaseline Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion

The upcoming summer months means one thing. Out go the jeans and the trousers and in come the shorts and dresses. One thing I notice about the transitioning weather is dry skin, especially on my arms and legs. All of the moisturiser I own (or that I could find) had gradual self tanner in but sometimes when I have dry skin I just want to smother myself in moisturiser and not have to worry about having patches of a slight but noticeable tan. So instead, I went on the hunt for an alternative.

After a while of weighing up my moisturising options, I ended up purchasing the Vaseline Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion. Vaseline have a whole array of moisturisers in different sizes and bottles and they have just launched a Vaseline Spray On Moisturiser which I have to admit, does look very exciting! I bought the standard moisturising lotion in a 200ml bottle. I bought the Aloe Vera Moisturiser over the Clean and Cocoa versions, purely because I liked the idea of aloe vera being a bit fresh scented on the skin.

What Vaseline claims:
"The Vaseline Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion leaves your skin feeling light and fresh. Our light feel formula combines pure oat extract + stratys 3 multi-layer moisture which infuses moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin, absorbing quickly - without greasiness."

The moisturiser itself is incredibly thick and creamy and it smells lovely and fresh. Once the moisturiser is squeezed out of the bottle you can smell the aloe vera but once applied to the skin it quickly fades. Once a small amount is applied to the skin and rubbed in gently, the skin immediately looks healthy and restored. All dryness quickly disappears and the skin is restored back to normal!

Overall, an excellent purse friendly, budget moisturiser. The one small downside to this product is that it does take a few minutes to absorb into the skin and although it works a dream during the summer, I think I will need something a bit more 'heavy-duty' for winter!

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  1. I have really been enjoying this lotion too! It does a great job and I really like that the scent is very light.