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Other // IKEA Trilling City Posters

IKEA Trilling City Poster - £8 (pack of three)
I'm not one to decorate my room, nor am I one to really go to IKEA. In fact, I managed to get to 19 years of age without ever stepping foot into the Swedish blue and yellow store. When I first stepped foot into IKEA I was a bit taken aback by the little mini rooms within the massive space. I could walk into a little studio apartment and sit down on the bed-come-sofa whilst my friends checked out the bathroom. Slightly bizarre but also amazing inspiration for when you have your own house.

On my most recent trip to the King of flat-packed furniture, whilst looking around a hypothetical bedroom some city illustrations caught my eye. They were in black, boxy frames and looked perfect on a plain white wall. Cue a mini rush to the 'Decoration' section to find that the illustrations that I fell in love with were actually posters and don't come with the frames. Booo.

I ended up buying the posters with the intention of waiting until I found frames for them but the impatience got the better of me and I got my old-fashioned blu-tack out. I haven't used blu-tack since my school days where I got so many Christmas cards I had to blu-tack them around the house due to running out of surface space. Oh the times when I was popular!

Whilst I am still on the hunt for some picture frames, these badboys are staying put on my wall. I love their simplicity and how they fit into my bare, white bedroom with ease.