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Review: Boots Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion

Seeing those photos makes me wince a little bit! A couple of weeks ago in the UK we had a few days of glorious 22 degree heat which disappointingly left as quickly as it arrived but it didn't leave without giving me a departing gift. Sunburn. On one of those beautifully warm days I sat outside with a book for a couple of minutes without suntan lotion on. Yep, recoil in horror, call me bad names, shun me forever, I went outside without suntan lotion on. But it's okay as I have clearly suffered from my mistake!

After a couple of minutes of basking in the heat, I peered over my Raybans and saw my skin changing colour (bronzing it was not) so I popped inside and smothered myself in Factor 30 before pulling my sunnies back on and getting back to the task in hand of sunbathing and improving my general knowledge by a novel by, uhh, Lindsey Kelk.

2 hours, and a couple more suntan lotion applications later I headed back inside and boy, was I shocked when I looked in the mirror. A bronzed goddess I was not. More like lobster red with a very painful patch of what looked like red raw skin on my neck which was a tiny, little bit sore when I moved. There was only one thing for it. Aftersun. My aftersun of choice was the Boots Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion.

What Soltan say about their Aftersun Hydrating Lotion:
"This gentle cooling lotion provides intensive hydration to sun-exposed skin. Enriched with aloe vera it soothes, reduces dryness and helps to prevent peeling, for a beautiful tan."

Whenever I think of Aftersun I am immediately taken back to summers in Spain when I was a child. Summers where I would jump in an out of the pool at my hearts content. Summers where I would eat as much ice cream as I could manage. Summers where I got horrifcally sunburnt no matter how much suntan lotion my parents slathered onto me. Summers where I was slathered head to toe in aftersun against my will. I can even remember the smell of it! Luckily the smell has improved 13 years later.

The smell to the Soltan Aftersun is really fresh and subtle in scent. It doesn't linger on the skin nor is it too noticeable which is great for those who are particular when it comes to creams on the body. 

How to use:
"Apply to the face and body after sun exposure and rub in gently."

I squeezed a really small amount of the Aftersun into my hand then applied it gently over my sunburn. I found that is absorbed really quickly, so quickly in fact that recently I've been applying it then getting dressed immediately after as it doesn't make my clothes stick to my body like some lotions do. 

After a couple of days of applying the Soltan Aftersun I noticed that my sunburn started to fade and luckily, the pain started to cease! I also completely skipped the peeling process which is fantastic as, let's face it, no-one likes to watch their own skin falling off, do they?  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I burn then I go brown. Which means, 2 weeks on, I am now only tanned where I got burnt which really is not ideal! At least golden brown in patches is better than painful, red raw skin.

I really, really love this Soltan lotion. It doesn't have a too noticeable smell, it absorbs in no time and it does the job that you need it to do. You can pick up many variations of Soltan Aftersun Lotion in Boots, including an in-shower Lotion, a spray, a Lotion with cucumber, a Lotion with insect repellent, a Lotion with tan prolonger... Luckily at the moment Boots are selling them all for half price so now's a good a time as any to stock up for the summer and for a holiday!

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