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Review: Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory

I'll let you into a little secret. I absolutely, categorically, HATE buying foundation. I hate it. I dread the task. You usually have an idea when your current bottle of foundation is coming to an end so you know when to re-purchase but I always leave mine until the last minute. Aka, when I have no foundation left and have to leave the house wearing a mask to hide my pink, gormless face.

The main reason why I hate buying a new foundation is due to never being able to find a foundation that suits my skintone. Ivory by Maybelline is not the same Ivory by L'oreal, let me tell you. I learnt that the hard way. What makes it even worse is when brands have two different shades of Ivory which look exactly the same in either bottle but you know for certain that if you buy the wrong one, you will have an orange face by the end of application.

Another reason why I hate buying foundation is due to being so overwhelmed when walking into Boots. So much foundation. How do you know where to start? Many a time have I walked into Boots with the intention of buying a new foundation and left empty handed due to being un-prepared. I need to know what I intend on buying before I leave the house, that way I won't dither. So she says.

Late last year I bought the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation from Boots in the shade 101, Classic Ivory. I swatched a couple of the lightest shades on my hand and ended up buying the lightest on the shelf, which was Classic Ivory. I took it home, applied it...and woah. Cue the "Your face is looking a little....uhm, orange today, Louise?" Cheers Mum. Truth be told, every foundation I have ever tried has been a tad orange toned on my skin. It's only when you try and buy foundation that you realise how pale you are!

I used Classic Ivory until it was all gone, although I did mix a lighter foundation from L'oreal in with it to tone it down a little bit. When it came to buying a new foundation I thought I would try something else but it was only when I went to a different Boots that I saw there was a lighter foundation in the Match Perfection range, 100, Ivory. (There is an even lighter foundation in the range but I have yet to see it anywhere yet.)

What Rimmel say about their Match Perfection Foundation:
"Introducing a whole new Match Perfection, a make-up match like you've never seen before. Traceless coverage with Advanced Smart-Tone Technology reveals a perfectly flawless you, no matter what the light. From the bathroom, to work, to the pub, your natural colour never changes. Completely conceals imperfections with no foundation line, no make-up mask. Enhanced with Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow that never falls flat. Natural, flawless coverage with a fresh finish that lasts all day."

I have a huge bug bear when brands say that their foundation leaves you with "flawless, traceless coverage" which may be true on some people but it only works if you have the correct foundation colour on your face and unfortunately, I can almost never achieve this due to being so pale but hey, if you are lucky that your make-up really is flawless and traceless, good for you.

Anyway, onto 100 Ivory. I found that 'Ivory' matched my skintone a hell of a lot better than 'Classic Ivory' did in that I don't need to mix another foundation with it but I do believe that if it was just a tad bit less darker toned then it would be a true delight on my skin. I apply my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with either my Real Techniques Foundation Brush or the Real Techniques Blending Brush, although I do tend to find that after applying with the foundation brush it could do with a bit of a blend with the blending brush due to having a few bristle lines visible on the face afterwards. 

The foundation itself is actually really fantastic. It is a little thin which means you can build up the colour on the skin but it blends in beautifully and does actually stay put all day. I have oily/combination skin so find that I do need to apply a matte powder over the top to scale down any shine on the face. I need 1 and a half pumps to cover the entire face and even then, I do have a little bit left over on the back of my hand so a little goes a long way. As I have a small amount of Rosacea on my face I do find that I have to apply a couple of thin layers of foundation over that area to try and cover it as one layer of foundation isn't enough to hide it.

Overall, a fantastic drugstore foundation that is available in 10 different shades. I think once I have finished my Ivory bottle I may try Porcelain (the lightest shade in the range) to see if it is less orange toned on my skin as I truly believe that the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation can deliver the natural, flawless coverage that they claim. Unfortunately I am yet to fully achieve those results but I won't give it, I will keep on trying!


  1. I use this foundation and I am so glad that you said it was thin as I thought I had picked up a bad one! It is great nethertheless!


    Fleur xx

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