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Review: Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit

Never one to miss a 3 for 2 offer, I couldn't walk past Boots and not abuse that offer this week. I panic bought this Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit on a whim after finding 2 products that I really wanted and couldn't find a third so this essentially flew into my basket on my way to the till.

I thought that the three colours in the pan wouldn't suit me as well as maybe a lighter palette would have done so I did search for a lighter shaded palette but to no avail so bought this one anyway. After searching the website, I'm not convinced that there are different versions of this eyebrow kit - I do believe that Collection think 'one size fits all'.

What Collection say about their eyebrow kit:
"3 complementary blendable brow powders all set in place with a useful clear brow mascara for an on trend sculpted brow."

In the little kit are 3 different powders. There is a really dark, deep, muddy brown/black, a taupe like brown and a really light, cream coloured powder. Out of all of them, I think I will only ever use the middle shade so in my eyes, it is a bit wasteful having the two other powders as I don't think I'll ever use them. Although I could use them as eyeshadows I suppose.

When applying the powder on the brows I didn't have any problem in terms of the colour pay off, whereas when trying to swatch the shades I found that I needed a few layers to make them show up on my skin. Also in the kit is a little tube of clear brow mascara which I was really looking forward to trying out as I've never tried one before. It has a cute little wand and I found it super easy applying to the eyebrows and I didn't find the gel sticky, which I was expecting, nor did it leave my eyebrows feeling crispy. The last two items in the kit is a handy little mirror which is encased in the packaging, and a double ended eyebrow brush. One end is angled and the other is a flat eyeshadow brush.

How to use Collection's Eyebrow Kit:
"Step 1. Apply powder across eyebrow using angled brush to fill sparse brows.
Step 2. Brush the Clear Brow Mascara over the eyebrow to define and lock brow in place."

I did what Collection suggests and found it really easy to apply. Using the middle shade, I used the angled end of the little brush and applied the powder darkly to the middle/outer part of my eyebrows before applying the powder lighter to the inner part of the eyebrow. I then went over the brows with the clear brow mascara, brushing the brows in upward strokes. 

I really, really, loved the finished look and I'm really impressed by the product. I do own a HD Brows Palette and in my eyes, Collection's Eyebrow Kit is definitely a rival. Although you can't pick and choose a palette to suit your colourings like you can do with HD Brows, the product works in exactly the same way and I love the little extra in the clear brow mascara. If you were after a cheaper alternative to HD Brows then this may be the answer.

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