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Review: Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Pink Power

Whilst going through my make-up bag recently I found a lipstick that I hadn't used before. "This can't be right" I said to myself. An un-opened lipstick? What a crime!! I remember buying this after Christmas in Boots for £1 in a little Clearance section. Hand on heart, I only bought it because it was the opportunity to buy a lipstick for a pound and I wasn't willing to let that offer pass me buy so at the time, I wasn't too fussed about the colour. But, when it came to actually using it I was completely thrilled with the colour. I bought Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Pink Power and it is definitely a lipstick that I don't currently have a lipstick similar to. Pink Power is a lovely deep pink, nearly fuschia coloured lipstick that is a bit darker than my own lip colour.

What Seventeen say about this lipstick:
"Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick - for bold colour and lovely lips that last. This collection of creamy lipsticks gives long lasting, non-drying colour that lasts up to 4 hours. Get a pop of statement colour with staying power!"

I found Pink Power really easy to apply and as it is so opaque and creamy, you only really need one coating to get the lips fully covered nicely. I didn't prep my lips beforehand to see how it would cope with dry areas and I was pleasantly surprised! My lips were quite dry beforehand and there was no real standout dry areas to be seen on the lips so from that point of view I was really pleased.

Once on the lips, I did find the lipstick to be just a little drying but that could be due to not prepping the lips beforehand and applying a lip balm, like I would usually do.  I found that Pink Power lasted on the lips around 2-3 hours before showing marginal signs of wear that did need re-applying as it was fairly noticeable that it had worn on the lips. Because of this, I don't entirely believe the 'lasting fix' claims.

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