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Review // Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

I've never really been a bath bomb fan before. Part of me used to think "why would I spend £3 on one bath bomb when I could spend £1.50 on a bottle of bubble bath?" But then my friend worded it so it all made sense. A bath bomb is kept for a 'special bath'. A special bath? What is one of those, do I hear you ask? A special bath is maybe a bath you have on your birthday or, if like me, you decide to use a bath bomb in a 'special bath' after working a 9 and a half hour day and all you can think of is a nice hot bath and maybe a massive pint glass of vodka.

My sister bought me the Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb at Christmas time and I finally decided to use it this week. I was actually really (lamely) excited to stick it under some hot water to see what would happen when it dissolved!

What Lush say about their Think Pink Bath Bomb:
"A relaxing pink bath bomb with a sweet vanilla and tonka fragrance. As it gently dissolves, you'll feel as though you're getting a big hug - you'll find yourself surrounded by rice paper confetti hearts that slowly melt away. Its sweet smell comes from vanilla absolute, while tonka adds a caramel undertone. Neroli gives it a sunny citrus top note, while lavender clears your mind and makes you feel that life is sweet."

When submerged into hot water, the water immediately turns a bright, electric pink. After a few minutes of squealing at the water in delight and Whatsapping photos of it to my friends, I then noticed the cute little pieces of biodegradable hearts left at the bottom of the bath tub. A cute added little extra.

As I've had this bath bomb for a while the smell wasn't as noticeable as it had once been which was a shame but from the scent that was lingering, it smelled fairly sweet but not too overpowering. This was the first Lush Bath Bomb that I have tried and overall, I was really impressed with it. I wish I used it sooner so the smell was more noticeable but I couldn't really fault it. I definitely want to try some more!


  1. I've actually never tried a Lush bath bomb either! It looks so pretty. What do you use to take your photos? I'm looking for a new camera and your pictures look really good quality.

    Holly | holly la beau

    1. Hi Holly, I use a 'hand me down' Sony Cybershot Camera (the pink version!). It's a good starter camera I think, is really easy to use and I get steady, focused photos each time. I think in a couple of months I'll try and get a more high-tech camera to try and improve my photos xox