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Review: Colorsport Eyebrow Definer Pen in Brown

I'm always on the lookout for something new to fill in my brows with. I keep alternating between my HD Brows Palette and a Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil but recently I've found myself searching for some alternatives. I decided to buy the Colorsport Eyebrow Definer Pen in Brown, purely on a whim. I didn't know for certain if the Brown shade would match me completely but I bought it anyway, mostly because I couldn't see any other shades to choose from.

What Colorsport say about their Eyebrow Definer Pen:
"The perfect eyebrows help to frame your face and enhance your features. This easy-to-apply eyebrow definer pen will instantly define and shape your eyebrows with minimal effort. The unique precision nib creates an even smooth line gliding on perfectly, the ink dries instantly to create stunning eyebrows that will last up to 8 hours. Non-oily feeling and perfect for filling in any gaps."

I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I opened all the packaging, but the Colorsport Eyebrow Definer Pen is like a big felt tip with a fairly chunky nib. The liquid inside the pen is really watery, just like a felt tip also.

"On clean skin simply draw along the natural shape of your eyebrows filling in any gaps and light areas - the ink dries quickly so no need to worry about smudging. Can be easily removed with soap and water or make-up remover."

I found that the Colorsport Eyebrow Definer Pen was really easy to use. I applied it after my foundation so I did get a big foundation mark on the nib which won't actually come off so maybe applying it before foundation is the best way to apply it. Depending on the way I held the pen, I could get a thin, more precise application, whereas if I held it with a slight tilt I found the results thicker and fairly darker in colour. When doing this I did find the application slightly messier, purely due to the thickness of my eyebrows in relation to the pen.

When applied, the Eyebrow Definer was visibly wet and because of this it was really easy to wipe away any mistakes but once dried it stayed put all day and didn't budge which is great. I also noticed that you could layer up the Definer to get a darker colour to fill in the eyebrows which is great if you have a slighter darker eyebrow colour than the average 'brown' like me, in which case this shade is a little light for me but with a couple of layers it matches perfectly.

Overall, a really quick and easy way to fill in your eyebrows. It fills out any gaps in between the little hairs and although I could have done with a 'dark brown' shade, the Definer Pen is really easy to layer up to get a darker colour. It dries pretty quickly and stays put all day.

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