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Trips: Bicester Village

Bicester Village:
50 Pringle Drive,
OX26 6WD
Bicester Village has been a place that I've planned on going to for a very long time. We're talking two years. Or maybe even longer. It's been a place that I've wanted to go to but never got round to actually going..Until last weekend.
Bicester Village is a little picturesque collection of high end outlet shops set out in a mini village on the outskirts of Bicester in Oxfordshire. They have brands such as Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, Mulberry.. All the shops we'd all love to be able to afford to shop in, essentially.

We left around 1pm and got there about 2:30pm which was mainly our one main error. If you drive to Bicester Village and try to be brave and not use the additional car parking, get ready for one big fight on your hands, especially if you arrive at 2:30 on a busy Saturday afternoon. The sheer volume of cars in the car park all fighting for one space really shocked me. Our friends had to use the additional parking which is about a 5 minute drive away on an army base where a coach will take you to the Village and back. We, on the other hand, fought tooth and nail for a space in the main parking area and managed to get one. Although a few drops of tears and sweat may have fallen.

My friends and I met up in Pret for a strategy meeting to plan which shops we wanted to pretend we could afford to shop in then off we went. We started in Vivienne Westwood and worked our way around.

The best thing about going into the expensive, high end shops, was seeing what people were buying. Some of the items of clothing the designer shops were selling were quite eye opening, especially Dolce and Gabbana. Even if I had the money, I doubt I'd ever considering buying a few of their items which does go to show that maybe you can't buy taste but everyone is different.

The one thing that I was a bit apprehensious about before stepping foot into any of the stores was the sales assistants. I know some can be a bit snooty and although they will say they aren't, I know for a fact a few of them looked at us as if we couldn't afford the carpet underneath our feet. They would be right of course but try not to judge other people hey? We went into one shop (which I won't name) and were fully aware of a security guard following us around the whole time which was slightly off putting but then it turned out he was a sales assistant. I know this because he asked me if I wanted to try on the £18,118 coat that I was staring at in awe. I looked at him if he were mad, quickly shook my head then slowly walked away.

Out of all of the high end shops we went into, Burberry was by far my favourite. No-one stared at us like we couldn't afford to shop there, everyone was really friendly and helpful and I even tried on the trench coat of my dreams. I begrudgingly put it back, despite the lovely sales assistant telling me it looked nice on me and pulled my New Look biker jacket back on. One day that Burberry Trench will be mine but it is a great incentive for me to work harder to be able to afford it. I could have bought it there and then but if I did I probably wouldn't be able to afford to eat, drink, drive or do anything nice for a very long time.

We also had a peek in Cath Kitson, which was like a floral patterned dream; Agent Provocateur, where my friend bought a rather questionable bra; Jack Wills, where I spent £29 on a top that I really did not need and Mulberry, where I saw a bag or two of my dreams. We ended our day in Starbucks with a skinny iced vanilla latte, a hot chocolate and a couple of mango and passion fruit smoothies. As it was sunny we did the British thing of sitting outside where it immediately started to rain and had to leg it back to the car. 

After a heated discussion over whether or not the car park was in fact free or not, who was to blame if it wasn't and what would we do if we got back to the car to find it clamped, we set off back home. We found our Vauxhall Corsa nicely tucked away in a throng of Ferrari's, Porsche's, Bentley's and Aston Martin's. Nice.

I learnt a few things that day. One, Burberry trench coats are beautiful. They fit like a glove, have a gorgeous lining and make you feel instantly better. They aren't as expensive as I thought, either. Two, hell hath no fury like huge families wanting to claim back their tax after a spree in Jimmy Choo. Three, just because you have money doesn't mean you have taste.

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  1. I saw the photos and the place looked so familiar, I had to go back and see the post title.
    I worked at La Valée Village, witch is the same as Bicester Village but in Paris. Both places are ridicolously similiar though.
    From my experience it was a really good place to walk around, even if it's more to daydream rather than actual shopping !
    Lots of love*