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Recipes: 'Best Ever' Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes we all need something a little comforting. Some people may turn to a duvet and a film, some may even turn to a friend. I, however, find a lot of solace in food. Cake and cookies, in particular. I always used to turn to cookies as they were super easy to make and could be ready within the hour. Plus, there's nothing like a warm cookie dunked into a cold glass of milk that instantly makes life feel so much better. 

I never used to be a chocolate brownie sort of person...Until I had these brownies. Taken from the BBC Good Food website, these doorstop brownies have made life seem so much easier recently. They are incredibly chocolately without being too sweet. They aren't dry in the slightest, the main reason that I wasn't a huge brownie lover to begin with. They're incredibly moist and gooey and have chunks of milk, white and dark chocolate running throughout..  Incredibly easy to make, these brownies will be ready in no time and my gosh, are they worth the wait.

- 185g Unsalted butter
- 185g Best dark chocolate
- 85g Plain flour
- 40g Cocoa powder
- 50g White chocolate
- 50g Milk chocolate
- 3 Eggs
- 275g Golden caster sugar

1. Cut the butter into small chunks and put into a medium sized microwavable bowl. Break up the dark chocolate and put all of it into the same bowl. Microwave until melted in 30 second bursts to ensure it doesn't burn. (Alternatively you can do this with a bowl placed on top of a saucepan with boiling water in. Stir occasionally until everything is melted.) Once melted, leave the bowl to one side for later.
2. Turn your oven on to 180 normal oven/160 fan/gas mark 4. Grease a shallow 20cm tin and line with greaseproof paper.
3. Sieve together the plain flour and cocoa powder into a small bowl.
4. Chop up the white chocolate and the milk chocolate into chunks carefully with a sharp knife. (I cut each individual square into 4. Alternatively, you could buy milk and white chocolate chunks and save the hassle.)
5. Break the 3 eggs into a bowl and tip in the sugar. Using an electric mixer, whisk the eggs and the sugar together until the colour turns pale and the mixture has doubled in volume. This may take about 5 minutes.
6. Pour the cooled chocolate over the egg and sugar mixture and fold in with a spatula/metal spoon, working in a figure of 8 motion. Then fold in the flour/cocoa, again using a figure of 8 motion, careful not to knock out all of the air.
7. Carefully stir in the chocolate chunks and mix until combined.
8. Pour the mixture into your prepared tin and pop into the over for 25 minutes. In the meantime, lick the bowl.
9. When 25 minutes time is up, shake the tin carefully. If it wobbles in the middle then it needs a few more minutes in the oven. (5 or so should do but be careful not to overbake.) If not, it is ready!
10. Leave to cool in the tin before carefully removing from the tin. (I used the 'turn it upside down onto a wire rack' method as it was easier.) Cut into squares or you can cut into squares then into triangles.
11. Enjoy and share!

I think they took me about just over an hour to make with preparing, baking and washing up. I much prefer them a couple of days after first baked as they seem to taste better in my mind but it didn't stop me eating two straight from the tin.

The original recipe says that there are 144 calories in each triangle shaped brownie, which works out to be about 250 calories per generous sized square brownie which isn't too bad I guess. Anyway, they are so good that for those 3 minutes it takes for me to devour them, I forget all about what calories are and only focus on the task at hand.. Eating them!

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