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Recent Purchases: Primark Faux Fur Coat

Primark Coat - £15
I appear to be buying a lot of items from Primark at the moment which is strange considering I can go years without buying an item of clothing from there. At the moment I'm really liking what Primark is producing so if you don't usually step foot in there now may be the time to have a look as you might be surprised about what you find!

For months now I have been wanting a black faux fur gilet but the only nice one I could find in store was £60 and from Topshop. As much as I LOVED it, I couldn't justify it at all so set my sights a bit lower. 

In December, a couple of days before Christmas, I spotted this coat in Primark in Oxford. It had the furry body that I wanted from a gilet, it had the contrast sleeves that I adore.. Problem was, everyone hated it. I paraded around in it in the shop but my friends thought it was atrocious. So bad in fact that they banned me from buying it and made me put it, and it's affordable £25 price tag, down.

Then I couldn't stop thinking about it. I dreamt of wearing it. I dreamt about what I would wear it with. I had serious regrets. On Boxing Day my sister and I went to Bristol and again, I spotted it in Primark. This time it was in the sale for £15 - kerching. Bargain. Come to mumma. Problem was, my sister hated it. She thought I looked ridiculous. She then proceeded to tell me all of the bad things about it and I begrudgingly, put it back.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I saw it in my local Primark. This time it was £25 again and I secretly kicked myself for not buying it in the sale. I very nearly tried it on for a third time but I was rushed for time and didn't want to waste 45 minutes stood in Primark uhmming and ahhing over it. In the end I went back to Oxford a couple of weeks ago and at long last, it was back in the sale and MINE. For £15. Yippeee.

It isn't it everyone's tastes. Hell, literally every person I know hates it but I like it. Love it, in fact. No, it isn't the same as the Topshop gilet. Yes it does feel a little cheap but I really love it and that's the main thing, right? 

I've worn it a couple of times, with a floral top and disco pants, and it has kept me surprisingly warm. I wouldn't want to wear it in the rain, lord knows what will happen to it if it got wet, so depending on the weather, you will now catch me wearing this badboy.

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