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Review: Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky

Recently I ended up buying another one of my beloved Collection Eyeshadow Pencils. Having previously tried Hot Chocolate and Vintage Blush (reviews of which are here and here) I decided to give Vanilla Sky a try.

Vanilla Sky is the most glorious champagne-like colour. I bought this shade as it reminded me of my favourite eyeshadow from MUA's Heaven & Earth Palette, which I have used right down to the bottom of the pan. I used to wear the MUA shade as a base or just in the corner of the eye to brighten it up a little.
Like Hot Chocolate and Vintage Blush, Vanilla Sky is also in a crayon form which has a chunky nib to it. This makes it easy to cover the whole eyelid area but makes it slightly trickier when it comes to trying to apply it to the lower lash line. 

What Collection say about their Eyeshadow Pencils:
"Velvety, soft blendable eye-shadow pencil that's waterproof and long lasting."

As I've been using two other shades of Collection Eyeshadow Pencils, I know that the claims above are true to an extent. The pencil is incredibly soft and easy to apply; as soon as it touches the skin you get an opaque even colour without even trying. It's velvety to the touch and doesn't drag or pull at the skin and it is waterproof and extremely long lasting - it does not budge.

But, like any product, it does have a few down sides. If you make even a slight mistake with the Collection Eyeshadow Pencil you are kind of stuck with it, unless you take your make-up off and start all over again. Also I really don't believe that these Collection Eyeshadow Pencil's are blendable at all in the slightest as they are so resistant and durable on the skin.

In the photos above I've applied Vanilla Sky just to the inner corners of the eye which really brightens up the eye area and is a great alternative to using white kohl pencil.

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