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Review: Sinful Colors Nail Varnish in Queen of Beauty

Sinful Colors Nail Varnish - £1.99

Another nail varnish I didn't really need but I was having a crappy day and I thought a bottle of glittery silvery prettiness would cheer me up somewhat.

You know I love my Sinful Colors Nail Varnish so I was excited to give this one a try too. It is called Queen of Beauty and it's a clear nail varnish which is crammed with pieces of silver glitter. It's rather dazzling in the bottle and is definitely a go-to nail varnish for a party.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed upon application. I had to layer Queen of Beauty up so many times I think I lost count. With one layer you get a very pitiful amount of glitter on the nail. To get the look in the photos I'd say I needed 5 coats per nail which is quite a lot when you think that you're essentially painting your nails 50 times just to complete the look but if you have the time then it would be worth it.

Again, I was really disappointed with it's staying power. I applied a couple of top coats to each nail and yet within two days some of the colour on a few of my nails 'fell off' which is not a good look when you're out with friends and one of them says "Your nail just fell off!"

Overall, a pretty colour but unless you had the time or the occassion, it's a bit too much like hard work for me.


  1. Love all that glitter!!!

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