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Brand Focus: Primark Sportswear

Primark Running Trainers - £7.00
Primark 3/4 Length Running Capris - £7.00
Primark Running Vest - £6.00
 Following on from this post about workout wear, I finally took the plunge and bought some. I hunted my local Primark high and low for the items that I need most and most importantly, that they were in the correct size for me.

I found that Primark didn't sell the things I wanted the most in my size which was really disappointing. The vest and the trainers are perfect but I really could have done with a smaller size in the capris as when I run, they tend to fall down a little. They did have some shorts in my size and as much as I do love wearing shorts, I don't really want to wear hotpants when on a lesuirely jog!

Now, I know Primark isn't of the highest quality and I was a little apprehensive about wearing the trainers. I firmly believe in the saying 'you get what you pay for' but so far so good! The trainers are really light to run in and really well supported. They haven't hurt me at all and I've yet to use the excuse that I can't go for a run due to having blisters!

The vest is really comfy and easy to wear too. It has a hidden support in which is a great idea and definitely ideal when running. It keeps everything 'in place' nicely and is definitely a bargain considering the price.

The capris are really comfy to wear too. They are 3/4 length which I think is the perfect length for me. I didn't want to wear shorts and I didn't want the fuss of wearing ankle length trousers or leggings as, knowing me, I'd trip over the hem and break an arm in the middle of nowhere. They have a zip on the back which reveals a little pouch. What you would want to put in a pocket at the bottom of your spine I do not know but it's all in the detailing I suppose.

So, I was all kitted out. I woke up early one Thursday morning, got dressed bleary eyed, glanced at myself in the mirror and thought "hey! I look quite cool!" Then the hard bit - actually going for a run. Bearing in mind the last time I ran was in secondary school which was nearly 5 years ago so I didn't have the highest of hopes but I did it and do you know what? It actually made me feel better. I felt more alert, I felt happy, I felt awake, I felt invigorated.. It was nice knowing I had started off my day with a mile run and it kept me high all day. But, something strange did happen. As I ran along with my hair plastered to my pale, spotty face with my ponytail swaying in the wind, a fellow runner (ha!) ran past me and muttered under her breath "she looks glamorous" which I don't know if it was sarcasm or a friendly piece of motivation but I shouted back "right back atcha!" as she continued to jog along whilst maintaining her dignity.

And then the leg thing started. What was this pain I felt in my legs? Why did everything hurt? I didn't even know that THAT part of my legs COULD hurt. Every time I moved they ached but they stopped hurting after about a fortnight!

I managed to go 4 days of running a mile each day before being struck down by the most horrific chest infection and I dare run with it but I'm looking forward to starting again. Plus, I'm pretty certain that you burn even more calories by bragging about it afterwards. ;)

Overall, I am no Paula Radcliffe but I can dream whilst wearing my nice running outfit. I did believe that I would buy the clothing and never wear them so I'm pleased at how well I've done so far. Once the burning in the legs stops I imagine it will be a much more pleasurable experience!


  1. I have a Primark sports bra, it's great! I don't exactly need much help in that dept which is useful, haha! I love the leggings too, such good prices :D

  2. Haha - just found this looking for a review of primark sport stuff, but I use that little pocket for my house keys...! :)

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