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Review: Nivea Creme

Nivea Creme 50ml - 99P
Last year I read on the Daily Mail website about the comparison between Creme de la Mer and Nivea Creme. You can read the article here and see what you think but it really got me thinking.

The article itself is all about a lady comparing Creme de la Mer, an expensive moisturising anti-wrinkle cream that promises radiance and skin renewal which costs an eye watering £105 per 30ml, to Nivea Creme, again, a moisturising anti-wrinkle cream which costs an eye raising 99p, with one product going on one side of her face and the other product on the other half. She used both products on separate halves of her face for 4 weeks and the results were in: the 99p Nivea Creme beat the £105 celeb fave Creme de la Mer hands down. Which obviously made me want to use it till the end of time.

As I don't have the cash to spend on a 30ml tub of face cream with a price tag of £105, I can't compare the two products myself. The closest I've ever gotten to a tub of Creme de la Mer is gazing longingly at it from afar in Harvey Nichols - I dare go too near in case I get drawn into the hype. I have a terrible habit of not being able to say no when it comes to situations like that. So for now, for me, that expensive face cream can stay on the shelf.

BUT, I can afford a 99p tub of Nivea Creme! Hurrah! (Even better considering it's supposed to be better than Creme de la Mer, nudge nudge.) The Nivea Creme comes in a small blue tub with a twisty lid. When you first buy it there is a foil topping which helps to ensure the product stays fresh and, more importantly in my eyes, to ensure no-one can put their fingers in it when in the shop.

Now onto the actual product. The first thing you notice is the soft, citrus-y scent which is really light and refreshing. Sometimes I find that face creams can have a really strong scent which can be slightly off putting, especially when you essentially have to wear it all day. Another thing I noticed about this cream was how thick it was! I don't know if you can see from the photo's above but it is incredibly thick and creamy, it's like dipping your finger into Sudocrem or a thicker version of Philadelphia

When it came to application I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, purely because it is so thick. I dipped my finger in, giggled a little at the texture (childish, I know) then patted it all over my face like the lady did in the Daily Mail article. You're supposed to pat it onto the skin rather than rub it in so not to drag at the skin. Once I did that all over the face, paying special attention to the eye areas, I stepped back, closed my eyes and waited for the magic to open.

Okay so nothing amazing happened within 2 minutes of me applying it, only it settling into the skin. I left it and went to bed and the next morning my skin was feeling incredibly soft and not at all greasy or sticky which I find some face creams to leave me with. I know I can't tell you if it works on wrinkles as I've yet to get any BUT, I will keep on using this Nivea Creme (or until I can afford Creme de la Mer) and hopefully, this little inexpensive tub will help me age naturally, but at a later age than others!

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  1. Nivea rocks :) I use the pure and natural night cream, and the soft one in the tube as well. So cheap and simple, but do the job and moisturise v well. Love the blue tub :)