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Haul: Mini Primark Haul

I have to be honest and say that I don't usually venture into my local Primark too often to buy clothes. Usually I shuffle on up the escalator, or if I'm feeling adventurous, the stairs, and head straight to the jewelry section.

This isn't down to the clothes Primark sells - in fact I quite like their clothes, it's just finding them and in my size which I find quite tricky. Yesterday I went in to buy some black socks (thrilling stuff I know) and ended up coming out with a couple of extras. 

THE TOP: £6 // As soon as I entered the shop I saw this on a mannequin which was paired with the most lovely pink midi skirt and faux black leather jacket. I tried everything on together but the skirt fell off me and they didn't have an 8 so I put it back but I really liked the top and thought it would look nice with black skinny jeans. It has a bit of a weird waffle texture to it which I think is becoming more popular as I saw a top in New Look the other day with the same effect but I really like the boxy style and I'm looking forward to wearing it with different things to see how it works best.

THE SOCKS: £2 // 5 pairs of black socks for £2, woo. I haven't anything interesting to say about them other than all of my current black socks seem to have a hole in the same place in every pair which is a mystery I tell ya.

THE NECKLACE: £2.50 // This necklace reminds me of something gangstas wear - a simple long chain that helps to beef up their more extravagant neck wear. I'm going to wear this over slogan and plain tees to add a little something to a plain outfit.


  1. Aw, i like this top actually;)

  2. That top is gorge! I'm sure they have a jumper in that lips print too. Did you spot it by any chance?