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Review: ELF Lipstick in Captivating

Don't you love it when you place an order online and end up with a little extra something? I've placed three orders with ELF and in 2 of those orders I've received something else which I didn't order. The first time I received a duplicate nail varnish (who needs two of the same mint greens?), the second time I received this, the ELF Lipstick in Captivating.

As as a fan of ELF's lipstick range I was interested to see what this shade would look like on the skin. It is a very 'me' colour but not necessarily one I would have bought myself, purely because I already own about 5 different versions of it.

Like the other ELF Lipsticks, Captivating is encased in a see-through twisty tube which is pretty basic. As they are inexpensive lipsticks I'd rather the product shone rather than the packaging but I do get surprised that I manage to twist it up each time without it snapping off altogether. 

Captivating is a muted corally orange which looks much scarier in the tube than it does on the lips which makes it much, much more wearable. It reminds me of the Barry M Lipstick in 147 without the dryness which is definitely a good thing. 
Like all of the other ELF Lipsticks, this lipstick has a vibrant, opaque colour like the rest which aren't drying or feel uncomfortable on the lips at all. Although that said, I did find that this lipstick showed up some dry areas on the lips so exfoliating first is a bit of a must. Captivating is a really pretty colour and very easy to wear - I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot throughout the summer.