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Review: eBay Gold Nail Studs

I had some gold nail studs saved on my eBay watch list for months. I never got round to buying them and as I was running out of ways to jazz up my nails I decided to finally buy them - and at £1.49 they were hardly going to hurt my bank account. They come in nine different colours and seven different styles. I bought the gold square ones as I thought that they would be the style and colour I would most likely use but I'd like to get the silver square ones too.

They arrived in a small little packet and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. In the packet were silver and gold ones and I had only wanted gold. I shook it off and decided to apply a silver nail stud. I applied my base colour, let it dry then applied a top coat and very carefully dropped the nail stud onto the nail. 

Cue some huffing and puffing by me. They wouldn't sit right as the backing wasn't completely flat so again, more disappointment. I let it go as they were £1.49 and I couldn't expect the world so I carefully tried putting them all back in the packet...when realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had put them on back to front. There weren't gold and silver studs in the packet, they were all gold with a silver backing. Cue slapping myself on the head and trying to pull the 'silver' nail studs off with a pair of tweezers. Really, can anyone be so idiotic?!

When applying them the correct way, they apply really well and as long as you seal them in with a top coat, they should stay put. One fell off on me as I hadn't sealed it in enough so I recommend a couple of generous coats but overall, for £1.49 you can't go wrong!

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