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Review: Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dreamy

Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dreamy - £4.29
I don't know if you know but Boots often have a clearance section and sometimes some of the items in it aren't all mushed or half used. In fact, some of the items are even sealed shut so other customers can't stick their fingers in it and mush it all up. I found this Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in the clearance section for £1 and I'm not entirely sure why. Part of me thought they were discontinuing the shade but it is still on the website so maybe not. There were a few other shades in the clearance bit so I did pick up a few more but this is by far my favourite.

Seventeen describes their Lasting Fix lipsticks as:
"This collection of creamy lipsticks gives long lasting, non-drying colour that lasts up to 4 hours."

I don't usually comment on the packaging unless I have a problem with it but I love the packaging to this lipstick. I adore the pink casing which has the MAC-esque look to it which makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. Dreamy is the most pretty understated pink. It's warm but wearable for everyday and it reminds me of the MAC Viva Glam Nicki but not so in your face that you can't wear it to the shops without thinking you look a bit OTT. 

Dreamy has a matte finish so prepping the lips beforehand is a bit of a must as it will cling to dry areas on the lips, like most matte lipsticks do. Luckily this one isn't drying or uncomfortable to wear at all. I found it really creamy and easy to apply and it didn't drag or pull on the lips either.

One aspect of this lipstick that I didn't agree with was the lasting part. I found that it only lasted around 2-3 hours on the lips before wearing but that did involve eating and drinking. That said, I'd like to know why they are calling their lipsticks 'Lasting Fix' when they only expect them to last up to 4 hours on the lips. That doesn't seem like a long time compared to other lipsticks that don't claim as such so to only last up to 4 hours when the range is entitled Lasting Fix is a little disappointing I think.

Brand Focus: Primark Sportswear

Primark Running Trainers - £7.00
Primark 3/4 Length Running Capris - £7.00
Primark Running Vest - £6.00
 Following on from this post about workout wear, I finally took the plunge and bought some. I hunted my local Primark high and low for the items that I need most and most importantly, that they were in the correct size for me.

I found that Primark didn't sell the things I wanted the most in my size which was really disappointing. The vest and the trainers are perfect but I really could have done with a smaller size in the capris as when I run, they tend to fall down a little. They did have some shorts in my size and as much as I do love wearing shorts, I don't really want to wear hotpants when on a lesuirely jog!

Now, I know Primark isn't of the highest quality and I was a little apprehensive about wearing the trainers. I firmly believe in the saying 'you get what you pay for' but so far so good! The trainers are really light to run in and really well supported. They haven't hurt me at all and I've yet to use the excuse that I can't go for a run due to having blisters!

The vest is really comfy and easy to wear too. It has a hidden support in which is a great idea and definitely ideal when running. It keeps everything 'in place' nicely and is definitely a bargain considering the price.

The capris are really comfy to wear too. They are 3/4 length which I think is the perfect length for me. I didn't want to wear shorts and I didn't want the fuss of wearing ankle length trousers or leggings as, knowing me, I'd trip over the hem and break an arm in the middle of nowhere. They have a zip on the back which reveals a little pouch. What you would want to put in a pocket at the bottom of your spine I do not know but it's all in the detailing I suppose.

So, I was all kitted out. I woke up early one Thursday morning, got dressed bleary eyed, glanced at myself in the mirror and thought "hey! I look quite cool!" Then the hard bit - actually going for a run. Bearing in mind the last time I ran was in secondary school which was nearly 5 years ago so I didn't have the highest of hopes but I did it and do you know what? It actually made me feel better. I felt more alert, I felt happy, I felt awake, I felt invigorated.. It was nice knowing I had started off my day with a mile run and it kept me high all day. But, something strange did happen. As I ran along with my hair plastered to my pale, spotty face with my ponytail swaying in the wind, a fellow runner (ha!) ran past me and muttered under her breath "she looks glamorous" which I don't know if it was sarcasm or a friendly piece of motivation but I shouted back "right back atcha!" as she continued to jog along whilst maintaining her dignity.

And then the leg thing started. What was this pain I felt in my legs? Why did everything hurt? I didn't even know that THAT part of my legs COULD hurt. Every time I moved they ached but they stopped hurting after about a fortnight!

I managed to go 4 days of running a mile each day before being struck down by the most horrific chest infection and I dare run with it but I'm looking forward to starting again. Plus, I'm pretty certain that you burn even more calories by bragging about it afterwards. ;)

Overall, I am no Paula Radcliffe but I can dream whilst wearing my nice running outfit. I did believe that I would buy the clothing and never wear them so I'm pleased at how well I've done so far. Once the burning in the legs stops I imagine it will be a much more pleasurable experience!

Review: Sinful Colors Nail Varnish in Queen of Beauty

Sinful Colors Nail Varnish - £1.99

Another nail varnish I didn't really need but I was having a crappy day and I thought a bottle of glittery silvery prettiness would cheer me up somewhat.

You know I love my Sinful Colors Nail Varnish so I was excited to give this one a try too. It is called Queen of Beauty and it's a clear nail varnish which is crammed with pieces of silver glitter. It's rather dazzling in the bottle and is definitely a go-to nail varnish for a party.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed upon application. I had to layer Queen of Beauty up so many times I think I lost count. With one layer you get a very pitiful amount of glitter on the nail. To get the look in the photos I'd say I needed 5 coats per nail which is quite a lot when you think that you're essentially painting your nails 50 times just to complete the look but if you have the time then it would be worth it.

Again, I was really disappointed with it's staying power. I applied a couple of top coats to each nail and yet within two days some of the colour on a few of my nails 'fell off' which is not a good look when you're out with friends and one of them says "Your nail just fell off!"

Overall, a pretty colour but unless you had the time or the occassion, it's a bit too much like hard work for me.

Review: MAC Pressed Pigment in Blue Willow

Apologies for the photo heavy opening! Isn't it a beautiful product? My best friends bought this beauty for me for Christmas and boy, did they do well. It wouldn't haven been something I would have chosen for myself, purely because I don't tend to look at the MAC Pressed Pigments or the MAC Loose Pigments. Instead I rush straight for the Eye Shadows and the Lipsticks.

My friends bought me the MAC Pressed Pigment in Blue Willow and my gosh, is it beautiful. You can only see its real, true potential when the sun hits it and then you can see it in all its glory. Blue Willow is the most glorious ice blue. It's beautifully shimmery, perhaps a bit too much all over the eyelid for the day but hey, I won't stop you.

I had zero idea how to use this product, if I'm honest. I thought you applied it like an eyeshadow. It's only when I went on to the MAC website to see it on there that I saw that MAC describe their Pressed Pigments as:
"An intensely creamy highlighter offering extreme pearlescence and versatility of finish. Apply dry for a high shine or on damp skin for a dramatic wet look."

Which I wish I knew when I was swatching the Pigment as, as you'll be able to see from the photo above, it doesn't really show up on my skin very well. Maybe I'm too pale? On me, I get a very shimmery silvery glitter so I'm definitely going to have to try it using a damp brush as I imagine the results will be much more striking.

Blue Willow really is the most beautiful colour, it's a shame my camera doesn't show it in all its glory. It is really lovely and shimmery which applies smoothly and isn't at all gritty considering it's a pigment. I pressed Blue Willow on using a flat eyeshadow brush but next time I will definitely try using a damp brush to see how it compares. I'll also try using it as a highlighter on the brow bone to see how that works.. The choices this Pressed Pigment brings!

Review: eBay Gold Nail Studs

I had some gold nail studs saved on my eBay watch list for months. I never got round to buying them and as I was running out of ways to jazz up my nails I decided to finally buy them - and at £1.49 they were hardly going to hurt my bank account. They come in nine different colours and seven different styles. I bought the gold square ones as I thought that they would be the style and colour I would most likely use but I'd like to get the silver square ones too.

They arrived in a small little packet and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. In the packet were silver and gold ones and I had only wanted gold. I shook it off and decided to apply a silver nail stud. I applied my base colour, let it dry then applied a top coat and very carefully dropped the nail stud onto the nail. 

Cue some huffing and puffing by me. They wouldn't sit right as the backing wasn't completely flat so again, more disappointment. I let it go as they were £1.49 and I couldn't expect the world so I carefully tried putting them all back in the packet...when realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had put them on back to front. There weren't gold and silver studs in the packet, they were all gold with a silver backing. Cue slapping myself on the head and trying to pull the 'silver' nail studs off with a pair of tweezers. Really, can anyone be so idiotic?!

When applying them the correct way, they apply really well and as long as you seal them in with a top coat, they should stay put. One fell off on me as I hadn't sealed it in enough so I recommend a couple of generous coats but overall, for £1.49 you can't go wrong!

Haul: Mini Primark Haul

I have to be honest and say that I don't usually venture into my local Primark too often to buy clothes. Usually I shuffle on up the escalator, or if I'm feeling adventurous, the stairs, and head straight to the jewelry section.

This isn't down to the clothes Primark sells - in fact I quite like their clothes, it's just finding them and in my size which I find quite tricky. Yesterday I went in to buy some black socks (thrilling stuff I know) and ended up coming out with a couple of extras. 

THE TOP: £6 // As soon as I entered the shop I saw this on a mannequin which was paired with the most lovely pink midi skirt and faux black leather jacket. I tried everything on together but the skirt fell off me and they didn't have an 8 so I put it back but I really liked the top and thought it would look nice with black skinny jeans. It has a bit of a weird waffle texture to it which I think is becoming more popular as I saw a top in New Look the other day with the same effect but I really like the boxy style and I'm looking forward to wearing it with different things to see how it works best.

THE SOCKS: £2 // 5 pairs of black socks for £2, woo. I haven't anything interesting to say about them other than all of my current black socks seem to have a hole in the same place in every pair which is a mystery I tell ya.

THE NECKLACE: £2.50 // This necklace reminds me of something gangstas wear - a simple long chain that helps to beef up their more extravagant neck wear. I'm going to wear this over slogan and plain tees to add a little something to a plain outfit.

Review: ELF Lipstick in Captivating

Don't you love it when you place an order online and end up with a little extra something? I've placed three orders with ELF and in 2 of those orders I've received something else which I didn't order. The first time I received a duplicate nail varnish (who needs two of the same mint greens?), the second time I received this, the ELF Lipstick in Captivating.

As as a fan of ELF's lipstick range I was interested to see what this shade would look like on the skin. It is a very 'me' colour but not necessarily one I would have bought myself, purely because I already own about 5 different versions of it.

Like the other ELF Lipsticks, Captivating is encased in a see-through twisty tube which is pretty basic. As they are inexpensive lipsticks I'd rather the product shone rather than the packaging but I do get surprised that I manage to twist it up each time without it snapping off altogether. 

Captivating is a muted corally orange which looks much scarier in the tube than it does on the lips which makes it much, much more wearable. It reminds me of the Barry M Lipstick in 147 without the dryness which is definitely a good thing. 
Like all of the other ELF Lipsticks, this lipstick has a vibrant, opaque colour like the rest which aren't drying or feel uncomfortable on the lips at all. Although that said, I did find that this lipstick showed up some dry areas on the lips so exfoliating first is a bit of a must. Captivating is a really pretty colour and very easy to wear - I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot throughout the summer.

Review: Nivea Creme

Nivea Creme 50ml - 99P
Last year I read on the Daily Mail website about the comparison between Creme de la Mer and Nivea Creme. You can read the article here and see what you think but it really got me thinking.

The article itself is all about a lady comparing Creme de la Mer, an expensive moisturising anti-wrinkle cream that promises radiance and skin renewal which costs an eye watering £105 per 30ml, to Nivea Creme, again, a moisturising anti-wrinkle cream which costs an eye raising 99p, with one product going on one side of her face and the other product on the other half. She used both products on separate halves of her face for 4 weeks and the results were in: the 99p Nivea Creme beat the £105 celeb fave Creme de la Mer hands down. Which obviously made me want to use it till the end of time.

As I don't have the cash to spend on a 30ml tub of face cream with a price tag of £105, I can't compare the two products myself. The closest I've ever gotten to a tub of Creme de la Mer is gazing longingly at it from afar in Harvey Nichols - I dare go too near in case I get drawn into the hype. I have a terrible habit of not being able to say no when it comes to situations like that. So for now, for me, that expensive face cream can stay on the shelf.

BUT, I can afford a 99p tub of Nivea Creme! Hurrah! (Even better considering it's supposed to be better than Creme de la Mer, nudge nudge.) The Nivea Creme comes in a small blue tub with a twisty lid. When you first buy it there is a foil topping which helps to ensure the product stays fresh and, more importantly in my eyes, to ensure no-one can put their fingers in it when in the shop.

Now onto the actual product. The first thing you notice is the soft, citrus-y scent which is really light and refreshing. Sometimes I find that face creams can have a really strong scent which can be slightly off putting, especially when you essentially have to wear it all day. Another thing I noticed about this cream was how thick it was! I don't know if you can see from the photo's above but it is incredibly thick and creamy, it's like dipping your finger into Sudocrem or a thicker version of Philadelphia

When it came to application I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, purely because it is so thick. I dipped my finger in, giggled a little at the texture (childish, I know) then patted it all over my face like the lady did in the Daily Mail article. You're supposed to pat it onto the skin rather than rub it in so not to drag at the skin. Once I did that all over the face, paying special attention to the eye areas, I stepped back, closed my eyes and waited for the magic to open.

Okay so nothing amazing happened within 2 minutes of me applying it, only it settling into the skin. I left it and went to bed and the next morning my skin was feeling incredibly soft and not at all greasy or sticky which I find some face creams to leave me with. I know I can't tell you if it works on wrinkles as I've yet to get any BUT, I will keep on using this Nivea Creme (or until I can afford Creme de la Mer) and hopefully, this little inexpensive tub will help me age naturally, but at a later age than others!

Review: Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate

You know when you want to wear make-up but can't really be bothered? This is my favourite product for that purpose. A little while ago I did a review on the Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in a different shade, (which you can read here) Vintage Blush, which is the most lovely vintage pink. I use it a lot, mostly all over the lid and underneath the eye a little but recently I've found myself wearing the Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate more often than usual.

Like Vintage Blush, the packaging is exactly the same. It is a fat pencil/crayon which has a chunky nib to it. This has its pros and cons, for instance the chunky nib makes it easy to draw all over the lid as a base but it can get a little messy when trying to get into the smaller, tricker areas of the eye and it's slightly tricky when you want to get a slim, even line.

Also, like Vintage Blush, the packaging says the eyeshadow pencil is "a velvety, soft blendable eyeshadow pencil which is waterproof and long lasting" which I agree with to an extent. They are so long lasting and because they are waterproof they literally stay put all day. The one con to this is that if you make a mistake with the pencil you can't rectify it, nor can you blend it like the packaging suggests as they are so resistant.

Hot Chocolate is a deep chocolatey brown with a really subtle taupe-like shimmer throughout. I love Hot Chocolate as not only does it look fab all over the eyelid but I also love it just as an eyeliner underneath the eye as it is such a strong colour that I find it is so much more stronger and striking than using regular eyeliner pencils. Overall I still absolutely adore these Collection Eyeshadow Pencils. They last all day, can be used in different ways, are super cheap and best of all, they come in 6 fabulous colours. In fact, I already have another lined up to review!

Fashion: The Chunky Sole Chelsea Boots

As soon as I saw these I wanted them. They are me. In a boot. Which sounds slightly strange but they are very 'me'. So much so that I went back to New Look a week later after buying them and told my friend to choose which pair of boots she had thought I had bought.. She picked them up straight away.

They are very similar to the Vagabond boots that have been around recently, which kind of made me want them that much more. They are look-a-likeys but I don't mind, I love them too much to care. They are the most perfect height too. They're high enough to know that you're a couple of inches higher but not so high that they become uncomfortable or difficult to wear. 

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, whichever way you look at it, these boots are the comfiest boots I've ever worn. They are cushioned and supported so well, you could probably hike in them. (I wouldn't suggest it but if you get cut short, these would probably make do.) They are so comfy (and very easy) to wear that at the moment I'm living in them - getting that cost per wear down!

What I like best about these boots is the visible cleated soles. It really toughens them up a bit and makes them look that much more masculine compared to the usual soled shoes we're used to seeing. At the moment I've been wearing these boots with disco pants or acid wash jeans rolled up but I'm really looking forward to wearing them with floral dresses later on in the year to toughen up a girlie outfit.