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Review: Sinful Colors Nail Varnish in Pinky Glitter

Sinful Color Nail Varnish in Pinky Glitter - £1.99
I haven't really done nail varnish reviews for a while, simply because I've been really good recently and tried to use up those that I already had. And trust me, I have plenty of choice.

At Christmas my sister bought me a couple of nail varnishes and this is the first one - Sinful Colors Nail Varnish in Pinky Glitter. I have to be honest and say I'm not entirely sure I would have picked this shade myself. Purely because I'm not really a 'pink glitter' kinda girl. I used to be but I'm pretty sure I'm entering my 'gothic' stage that I should have endured when I was 14 but better late than never, right?! 

Pinky Glitter is a warm, hot pink with different sized pieces of holopgraphic glitter throughout, however when applied on the nails the pink is much more muted. This is because the nail varnish is very, very sheer. It's got a kind of sand like texture to it when applied without a top coat but it isn't rough at all and I don't think it would annoy anyone too much.

I needed countless layers to get fully opaque covered nails - I think about 6 or 7! The more I used the nail varnish the gloopier it seemed to get which is a bit disappointing but for the price you can't really expect the world. I've been wearing this nail varnish for nearly a week now without a top coat and it hasn't chipped once. Not once! Maybe this is because I used so many layers but let's just hope it's because the nail varnish is really good!

Overall I think this is a really pretty nail varnish which will definitely suit the summer months. Whilst it may not be to my personal choice, I can see myself wearing it again - preferably with a tan.

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