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Review: Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream in Fair

Up until recently I've been quite lucky with my skin. I never used to get spots or dark circles therefore I used to keep my base make-up to a minimum: a green concealer to counteract red tones of the skin with a thin layer of foundation on top. Sadly that's had to change as my skin has changed rather dramatically. I can't work out why this is - I haven't started using any new skincare products or changed my lifestyle and yet, hello spotty face. Hello dark circles.

I've only ever purchased one concealer before and that was the ELF Tone Correcting Concealer which I really enjoyed using on spots and blemishes as it covered them perfectly so when I rifled through my make-up bag to find it I saw that it had dried out and quite right too as it's been a while since I last used it. So I was in (desperate) need of an inexpensive concealer and ended up buying the Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream in the shade Fair. It's worth noting that Natural Collection only make their Cover-Up Creams in two shades - Fair and Medium so you might find that these concealers don't completely match your skintone.

What Natural Collection say about their Cover-Up Cream:
"Easy to blend cream concealer to cover spots, blemishes and under-eye eyeshadows."

The packaging to the Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream is like that of the ELF Tone Correcting Concealer - both come in a clear tube with a doe foot wand inside as an applicator. The doe foot wand makes application very easy. You don't need to worry about germs from putting your fingers into a pot of concealer, you just dot it onto your face and blend in with a concealer brush or your fingers.

I found the consistency of this concealer to be a little watery but once I had given the bottle a shake it come out much creamier and much more blendable. The one real con to this product is the shades. I am very, very pale and even though this was the lightest shade I found it to be very orange on my skin. Because of this I had to apply it underneath my foundation which looked a hell of a lot better than when it was applied on top.

The Cover-Up Cream seemed to cover-up my blemishes and dark circles really well. The dark circles under my eyes faded completely when applied underneath my foundation and my spots and blemishes were no longer visible so job well done! I also found that it didn't crease like some concealers do. I applied this in the morning and by 8PM it was still in exactly the same place which is wonderful although this may be due to applying it underneath my foundation, I'm not so sure. I definitely wouldn't use this on top of my foundation though. Because of the limited shades available it seems to draw more attention to my blemishes rather than hide them but that is purely down to my paleness.

As budget concealers go this is a pretty good one. It's very inexpensive and because of this you can't expect the world but it does what it sets out to do and it does the job well. For the price and the 8ml's of product it is definitely worth the money but the limited shades is definitely a problem and puts a downer on an otherwise fairly good product.

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  1. You should try the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, it only has four shades but pretty much everyone seems to find a shade to match them perfectly! The lightest shade is very light so it might suit you better plus the coverage is amazing! It's only £4.19 or something too (sad that I know that off by heart but I am on to about my 5th or 6th).

    Holly x