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Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

I know the Maybelline Baby Lips products have been reviewed to death but as I like them so much I decided to force my opinions of them upon all of you as well. Maybelline Baby Lips are a hybrid of a lipstick and a lip balm so you can achieve a coloured lip which moisturises too.

Last time I reviewed the corally shade in Peach Kiss (review here) which I really liked but I found that the colour didn't show up too well on my lips. Luckily, Pink Punch delivers much, much more. Pink Punch is a very pretty baby pink lip balm which has a very subtle shimmer to it. It's also blue based so it helps make teeth appear whiter. (Every little helps!) It's the perfect every day colour, a shade that you can apply in a hurry without worrying about it clashing with your outfit or the rest of your make-up. I also think it's the sort of shade that will suit most people.

Like Peach Kiss, Pink Punch applies effortlessly and doesn't show up any dry areas on the lips which is perfect, especially during the winter months. It leaves the lips feeling incredibly soft and nourished, especially after sporting horrible chapped lips. These Baby Lips lip balms are also perfect for the summer as not only are they a lighter alternative to lipsticks but they also have an SPF 20 in them - protecting the lips all year round!
I do prefer matte lipsticks therefore having a glossy lip balm on the lips was a bit alien to me and I did find that I kept on getting my hair stuck to them like a lip gloss but as it is such a pretty colour and so moisturising, I'm willing to let that go! Oh, and they smell AMAZING too.

Maybelline Baby Lips are a great alternative to lipsticks that are super moisturising and leaves the lips feeling really soft. Avaliable in 5 different varieties, you are bound to find one that will suit you!

You can buy Maybelline's Baby Lips from Boots in store or online here for £2.99.

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