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Review: MAC Fix+ Spray

A while ago my sister bought me the full sized 100ml bottle of MAC's Fix+ Spray as I kept on pinching hers. I did a quick little review on one of my 'empties' posts after I had used up a travel sized bottle but I'm still a little uncertain about a much loved product.

What MAC says about their Fix+ Spray:
"A soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and finishes the make-up. Hold bottle 12" away from the face and spray evenly. Use before or after make-up."

First things first, I really like the little twisty nozzle on the lid that ensures it doesn't leak so you don't waste any product. Although a few times I've forgotten to 'unlock' it and have had a few rants and raves about it not working properly. The first time I used this product I didn't hold it 12" away therefore I was left with a very wet face and water marks where my foundation had met the water. The refreshing mist sprays really evenly and light so hopefully, you shouldn't be left with a dripping wet face.

I like to spritz two pumps over my face which instantly refreshes my make-up and any cakeyness that was once there should have gone and I should be left with dewy, fresh skin. It's also great to use on top of face powders as it makes the powder look a lot less dry on the face.

Now the cynical bit. All that is in the MAC Fix+ Spray is water, vitamins and minerals which does make me think "how can all of those 'basic' things make my make-up look better?" in which case if you knew where to get clear, liquid vitamins and minerals from then you could make it yourself but I'm quite happy at buying MAC's version for now. You could also use this spray for other things such as wetting eyeshadows or diluting other products such as gloopy foundations. 

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