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Review // Ghost Eau de Toilette Spray

Ghost Eau de Toilette Spray - £24.50 for 30ml
I'm very particular when it comes to perfumes. I dislike heavy, sweet scents, favouring light, fresh scents instead. There's a reason behind this. When I was younger I used to love sweet scents and I would spray Mary-Kate and Ashley's perfume quite generously on my person but after a while I started to realise that the strange, heavy, sweet scent which seemed to linger around me was in fact me and it got so bad that it started to make me feel a little sick so I had to wave a fond farewell to the Olsen twins and Versace's Red Perfume, another scent which is very generous with it's sweet notes.

Now I smell of lovely, light, fresh scents in the day with deeper, stronger scents saved for the evening. At Christmas my Mum bought me the Ghost by Ghost Eau de Toilette and if you, like me, like light scents then this one will definitely be for you.

First things first, the packaging. It's a very simple, classic packaging which is a great way to describe the scent inside. The bottle is slim, frosted and very slick. It's unusual to see simple perfume bottles these days but I like it. Plus, it would look nice on your dressing table.

Ghost by Ghost is described by Fragrantica as being a fruity, floral fragrance for women. The top notes are rose and jasmine: the middle notes are amber, vanilla and peach and the base notes are sandalwood and musk. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's so fruity and floral smelling with a hint of sweetness but without being sickly sweet. I've worn it for a few days now and each time I've worn it I've been complimented on it. It's girlie without being too much and is definitely a scent for those who don't like overpowering scents like myself.

I've found that it lasts a good few hours on me but everyone is different. Also, perfumes don't smell nice on everyone so it's definitely worth spritzing it on yourself if you see it in a shop before purchasing, just in case it's not to your tastes.

I definitely think this perfume is one for every generation. My Mum bought this perfume for an Aunt of mine many years ago and I'm pretty sure she loved the smell just as much as I do. It's dreamy without being too youthful, in which case I would probably buy this for my Mum for her birthday as she mentioned she liked it too.

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