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Review: ELF Lipstick in Fearless

ELF Lipstick in Fearless - £1.50 
Yesterday I was googling photos of Kylie Jenner, aka my style crush, as you do when I suddenly started craving a really deep, dark red matte lipstick. I had a little think about my current lipstick stash and wondered if I had anything similiar...nope. Not yet, anyway.

I ended up going through my little 'to review' box and pulled out this, the ELF Lipstick in Fearless. It wasn't the deep, matte lipstick that I was craving but as I've loved the previous ELF Lipsticks I've tried, I decided to give this one a go too.

What ELF say about their lipsticks:
"Indulge your lips with long lasting colour and shine. The moisture rich formula hydrates, conditions and softens on contact for silky smooth lips."

Like ELF's other lipsticks, this is encased in really standard, plastic packaging. For the price of the product you can't really expect the world but as soon as I tore the cardboard off from around the lipstick everything fell out and the lid fell off, causing the lipstick to drop onto the floor, product first. It's nothing too dramatic but it's worth noting. I'd rather the product was the best it could be for the price rather than the packaging being ultra fancy but it would be nice for it not to all fall out so easily.

Fearless is a true fire engine red. It is so opaque and creamy to apply, it completely takes the fear factor out of wearing red lipstick. I didn't prep the lips beforehand: instead I just slicked it on then rubbed it in a little as I'm a little cack handed when it comes to the corners of my mouth. Blot, then wa-la, you are done. I didn't need to use a lip liner although I think I might do next time as I find it a little hard applying red lipstick. I think if I had a guide then I would be much more precise when applying. I found that Fearless didn't show up any dry areas on the lips either and it left my lips feeling really soft and moisturised. 

Fearless stayed put all day, with only minor wear from eating and drinking. I really think that for the price of the lipstick it is an excellent value for money. I literally could not have asked for an easier red lipstick to use and this is definitely a good lipstick to start with if you want to ease yourself in to wearing a bold shade. It leaves the lips feeling so, so soft and moisturised and it is super easy to apply. I really recommend ELF's Lipsticks and for £1.50 you really can't beat them.

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