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Fashion: Winter Coats Part Two

Another winter clothing post, hurrah! 

This week had me on the hunt for my perfect Winter's coat. I hunted through the shops with my Mum and eventually found it in Marks and Spencers although they didn't have my size so I ran home, jumped on my laptop and alas, all sold out online. This is probably because the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is seen wearing it in the M&S Christmas Advert but hopefully, one day, it will be mine.

Also, I noticed whilst trawling through various online fashion websites that a lot of this years coats aren't in the standard black. I have to admit that every coat I own, bar one, is black which had me wondering why this is. Is it because black goes with everything? It's slimming? It doesn't show up dirt? Or is it because that is is Autumn which means we must wear dark colours? This year I was tempted by a gorgeous pale pink coat but eventually I was drawn to a soft cream coloured coat. Maybe this year we should all go out of our comfort zones and try a colour we would never dream of. Hell, I may even go back to Topshop and try on that fuzzy, yellow coat I saw!

Last year everyone went biker mad coat-wise with lots of contrasting sleeve action but this year it looks like everyone is favouring the pale, textured, oversized, boyfriend fitted coat. Also there are a lot of timeless, military style coats in season this year, both of which, depending on the colour, will go with pretty much everything so you don't need to think twice about the price tag - it's practically a bargain!

Here are a few winter coats for a selection of high street stores for you to have a little look at. Enjoy!

Biker Coat / Boyfriend Coat / Boyfriend Coat
Boyfriend Coat / Boyfriend Coat / Biker Jacket
Faux Fur Coat / Hooded Parka / Biker Coat
Tweed Coat / Duster Coat / Biker Coat
Military Coat / Cocoon Coat / Faux Fur Coat
Cocoon Coat / Dolly Coat / Checked Coat
Boyfriend Coat / Aztec Coat / Pea Coat
Pea Coat / Feather Bolero / Biker Jacket
Check Coat / Duffle / Pea Coat
Swing Coat / Trench Coat / Boyfriend Coat
Reefer Coat / Faux Fur Coat / Swing Coat
Check Biker / Collar Coat / Prince of Wales Coat
Which coat will you be sporting this winter? Out of the bunch above I can honestly say that I love each and every single coat Warehouse has to offer. I have to say that I wouldn't necessarily go straight to Warehouse for my clothes but I definitely have to shop there more often from now on!

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