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Review: ELF Lipstick in Sociable

Apologies for my all-over-the-place hair, I really should get in the habit of brushing it!
ELF Lipstick - £1.50
After my recent ELF haul I decided to give one of the lipsticks I bought a little try, thinking that for £1.50 it won't matter too much if I don't get on with them. The first lipstick I tried was Sociable.

Sociable is a vibrant, warm pink with a tiny bit of red in there for good measure. There's also a noticeable shimmer in there too but it isn't noticeable when it's on the lips. I didn't expect a lipstick that costs £1.50 to give such a wonderful, vibrant, opaque colour so I was really pleasantly surprised! Sociable was so, so, easy to apply. It glided on effortlessly and it doesn't show up any dry areas at all which is wonderful. I have to hold my hands up and say that I didn't expect this lipstick to be as good as it is. I found that it only lasted a couple of hours on the lips but it's nothing that another re-application won't fix.

Now with every plus there is a downfall and I have to say that every time I wind the lipstick up to use it I'm surprised that it doesn't snap in half. You can't expect too much for £1.50 packaging wise but it does remind me of the cheapy little lipsticks I used when I was about 6 where I'd end up smearing it all over my face in hope that it would make me look remotely cool! It also has vaguely the same synthetic smell but it's not strong enough to stop me from using it.
Overall I'm so pleased with this lipstick. I didn't have high hopes and yet I'm very pleasantly surprised! It's a lovely, vibrant colour that lasts a couple of hours and is very easy to apply. Yes the packaging is a bit flimsy and every time I wind the lipstick up I breathe a sigh of relief that it hasn't snapped in half but you can't expect too much for £1.50.

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