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Review: BLEACH London Super Cool Colour Dye in Blullini

A few weeks ago I was in Boots with my friend Jemma complaining about how I wanted lavender coloured dip-dye. I've been uhmming and ahhing over it for a while now and finally bit the bullet to do it when I saw BLEACH London's Super Cool Colour Dye in Parma Violet's hair dye in BootsSo there I was, stood at the tills happy as larry with my Parma Violet's hair dye (temporary, mind) ready to get the hair I desired when I come to pay at the self-checkouts and oh, I cannot have this dye as it's been withdrawn from sale, despite it being on the shelves. Sob.

I was ready to bribe the shop assistant with money in return for her letting me have it anyway but obviously if it's been withdrawn then it's been withdrawn for a reason so I let it go. Instead I bought Blullini. In the bottle Blullini looks like the colour I desired, a lovely deep violet. Once on the hair for the desired length of time, I should be left with this gorgeous icy blue colour like in the photo above. Let's see how I got on!!

How I Did It
Before I started, I washed and shampooed my hair, like the bottle suggests, and then towel dried it. I towel dried it enough so it wasn't bone dry but it wasn't dripping down my shoulders either.
I then pulled on an old t-shirt, found an old towel, a plastic cup, a tint brush and some conditioner. (The bottle suggests you use some gloves to protect your skin but as we didn't have any and no-one was willing to go and buy me some I made do without.) After doing a patch test, I then squeezed half of Blullini into my plastic cup then squirted in some conditioner. This is where I went wrong.

Please, PLEASE, do not add conditioner to it. I read reviews before I did this to see if I should add some conditioner to dilute the colour. Some people said yes, some said no. I did it anyway but I really wish I hadn't. Basically, because of the conditioner I mixed in then slathered onto my hair, I realised that I hadn't actually mixed it in enough as my hair went PATCHY. Of course, if you do want to add conditioner then you can do but make sure you mix it in thoroughly. In hindsight I should have only done this if I were applying the dye all over as it wouldn't have been so harsh on the hair but as I was only applying it to the ends of my hair I really needn't have bothered.

Anyway, as I was saying I used my tint brush and tried to apply it as evenly as I could along the ends of my hair before sitting down for 15 minutes and letting it do it's magic. This is where I also found out that I have a cack hand.
After washing the dye out of my hair I was left with icy blue tones mixed with a hint of green. Where my blond ends were blonder in some places compared to the others I had very uneven hair. This is where the dye took to the white blond ends compared to the brassy ends where nothing changed. Next time I do this I will definitely use some purple shampoo for a week or so beforehand, just to make sure my hair is the same tone all over. The bottle does suggest that the dye does work better on bleached or light blonde hair so maybe I'll need to get my ends lightened a little to ensure that I get the most potential out of it.

It is a gorgeous colour I really, really like but when applied correctly it could look amazing.

Update: 2 Weeks Later
A terrible photo we'd all agree but this is how my hair is looking two weeks and roughly about 6/7 washes later. It is supposed to fade between 2-10 washes so I do hope that the green will fade soon. It's now become green with the odd strand of blue left in there to remind me of what it once was. It doesn't look so bad in this photo but my gosh, when I say my hair is green, I mean my hair is GREEN

I've read some posts written by other girls who all say that the green is a bit of a bitch to wash out. BLEACH London have responded to this by saying that their BLEACH London Washing Out Liquid will help with that (link here) but maybe I'll try real washing up liquid before I start spending. 

I imagine the green issue would be much more horrendous had I had this dye all over. Can you imagine?! As it is only the ends, and as it was patchy to begin with, I suppose I can live with the nuclear green. It's not so bad. Maybe I'll miss it when it all washes out. Although when the fourth person asked me if I dyed my hair green especially for Halloween I was ready to punch them in the teeth.

It's also worth noting that BLEACH London have an array of products out in Boots at the moment. Not only do they do their Super Cool Colour Dyes, they also do Bleaching Kits, Ombre Kits and Shampoos and Conditioners.

I will re-dye my hair with the rest of Blullini at some point. I also hope to give Rose and Awkward Peach a try too. Hopefully one day Parma Violets and I will be reunited again, I live in hope.

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