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Review: Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Foil

Barry M Instant Nail Effects - £3.99
It's been quite a while since I last did a nail post. This is mostly because I've been really good over the last few months and not bought any new nail varnishes to blog about and have kept going back to my old favourites. 

Last week I had a little dig through my nail varnish collection and found a varnish I haven't used in a good year or so, Barry M's Instant Nail Effects in Foil. The idea of it is that it's supposed to give the effect of tin foil on the nails which is an unusual concept I must admit. My first thought was, why would I want tin foily nails? But I think the finish to it and the whole look is wonderful and I really like it!

It applies really quite streaky but opaque so only two coats are needed to get the look above. The brush strokes are still a little visible on the nails once you've applied it which is a little annoying but it dries pretty much instantly which is a big plus.

The most important question: Does it remind me of tin foil? Do I look at my nails and think, ah yes, tin foil!! Alas, no. I think in order to be really 'foily' it would need to be much more livelier and shinier on the nails rather than the matte-like finish it currently leaves me with but it's still a pretty colour, one which I'd wear often.

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