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Review: ASDA Dry Shampoo

ASDA Dry Shampoo - £1.00
We all like a bit of dry shampoo, don't we? A big bottle of Batiste doesn't usually last me very long at all so imagine my surprise when I went to use a liberal spraying of Batiste Cherry on my head to find out that it was all gone. I went to ASDA to re-purchase a few bottles and, y'know, 'stock up' but when I did I found that ASDA have their own brand of dry shampoo and for £1 I decided to give it a little go.

There's not much to say about the packaging other than that it comes in a can with some nice blue swirls on it. First thing I noticed when I used it is the smell. It has a very strong, synthetic smell which lingers in the hair for a while. It's not a terrible smell but let me put it this way, if it were a perfume, I would not buy it.

When I used it on my gorgeously greasy, desperately in-need of a wash hair, I sprayed it liberally all over and brushed it out like you would any other dry shampoo. I found that it needed a few brushes to get all of it out and then I wasn't too happy with the results so I sprayed some more, brushed some more and alas, nice looking hair again!

For £1 I think that this is a good product. It's a dry shampoo and it works like one. It's not as nice as Batiste, I find that this is quite harsher than that and doesn't quite give as nice and soft results but it does the job nicely. Would I stop buying Batiste? No but it's a nice, cheap alternative.

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