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Review: ELF Bronzer With Brush in Tan

ELF Bronzer With Brush - £2.50
Within my latest ELF haul I decided to buy a bronzer purely to use for contouring. I've never really 'get' bronzer. Purely because, why would I want to look bronzed? I'm deathly pale 3/4 of the time (the other 1/4 of the time I'm most probably sunburnt) and mostly every bronzer I've ever used has either made my skin look orange or muddy.

So, I decided to give it another try. This time I bought the ELF Bronzer in the shade Tan. Tan is a matte shade that looks very different in different lights. In the photos above it looks like a dark, tanned shade with a sheen, whereas in the photos below it looks almost a dark terracota - don't let this put you off! Transferred onto the skin it has a light terracota tone to it which can very easily be built up to look the shade swatched. This bronzer also has a very subtle sheen to it which helps to create a natural glow.

What ELF say about their bronzer:
- This silky powder creates a sun-kissed glow on any complexion for any season.
- Build your colour easily for the perfect amount of radiance desired.
- The long-lasting formula blends into the skin evenly for a streak free finish.

SO, does it? Kind of. It is a powder which is really easy to apply but it's a bit chalky and takes a bit of work to get it going. It is really easy to build up the colour, one swipe on a fluffy brush gives you a slight sunkissed glow which you can easily build up to the colour in the pan in a few swipes. Like I said before, I know most people apply their bronzer where the sun would hit but as I usually get this wrong and end up looking like a child who has been eating chocolate buttons and then smeared it all over my face, I just tend to use it on the cheeks and as a contour and it works great for that purpose. It really defines the cheekbones and when blended it can look really natural.

Another thing to talk about is the packaging. I really recommend that you don't drop this product or have it in your make-up bag as it will break very very easily. Even opening it for the first time I thought it was going to break as it feels very flimsy which you do expect from a product that costs £2.50. Then again as it is so cheap if you drop it and it breaks then it won't be too devastating. It does come with a little brush which looks cute in the packaging but I haven't used it so I can't say what it's like but I like to apply this product with a small face brush or a contour brush. Underneath the brush is a cute handy little mirror which is a nice idea but realistically it's far too small to use it when applying. 

Overall, for £2.50 it's a great product. It's cheap and cheerful, does the job well and is a nice buildable colour. It doesn't last too long so regular touch ups are needed and the packaging is a bit flimsy but it is a great product for the price.

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