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Guest Blogger: Little Vaughan

Hey guys! I've been asked to write a guest blog for my dearest best friend so I shall try and do her some justice as her blog is bloody amazing. For those reading from her blog, come visit me sometime – www.little-vaughan.blogspot.co.uk

Now, I notice her blog is all about fashion and, if you've ever met me you’ll know, I’m not exactly the biggest fashion fan. Obviously, everyone has their own style and taste. But I find that’s down to the person themselves. 

People idolize celebrities and other figures in the media and spend their lives determined to be like them. However, as time goes on, we move on from certain celebrities and begin to idolize new ones more to our new found taste or preference. For example, a few years ago, so many young girls idolized Miley Cyrus. She had the long hair that so many girls want, the amazing figure and the gorgeous looks. However, look at her now.
The short hair that not so many girls want, still has the amazing figure but definitely isn't what she used to be. In terms of her clothing, she used to be such a style icon. Now, she is the embarrassment of the MTV VMA’s after wearing virtually next to nothing and after how she behaved. Who wants to look/be like that?! Not what every girl aspires to be like. 

Looking at my own style, I can’t say I idolize anyone in particular… However, the way I dress is far from unique. A lot of the people I look up to have such wacky and unique fashion styles. Me, I go for the comfort option. This usually consists of: black skinny jeans, black converses or vans, and a shirt of some sort – e.g. band shirt or just any vest top I can find that is suitable for whatever the day brings! 

Personally, I base my style on people like Taylor Jardine (singer from We Are The In Crowd). I find her style so laid back and comfortable. She showed me that you don’t have to go out and buy the latest fashion to feel comfortable in your own skin. You wear what you want to wear. Who cares if you’re not wearing the newest fashion or rocking the latest trends?! I don’t leave my house every day in order to please every person I walk past. If I get the odd ‘hey, nice shirt’ or ‘I love your shoes’, great! If not, that doesn't matter to me. 

It’s better to be yourself rather than someone you’re not because, at the end of the day, it’s only yourself you have to impress.

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