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Wishlist: Beauty Storage

How I wish I had a big bedroom. A bedroom where I could have a dressing table with a big mirror placed on the top, surrounded by candles and make-up brushes in little cute floral holders. I'd have drawers in the dressing table: deep drawers with 20 different compartments in. Each compartment would have its own use and the OCD part of me would be thrilled to see all of my make-up layed out in an organised manner. 

Alas, no. I have a very small bedroom. The box room. The room Harry Potter would sympathise with. I haven't even got my own wardrobe. I have to share my sisters. Imagine.

My bedroom is so small that it takes about 3 seconds to hoover and I have standing room only for about 3 people. Any more and you start to get a bit claustrophobic  I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not.. Prisoner's have bigger cells.

However, I do like my bedroom. It's cosy and as it is so small I keep crap to a minimum but oh how I wish I could have a pretty dressing table filled with my make-up. Somewhere I could sit and apply it rather than having to sit on the floor.

If I had a bedroom big enough, this is the beauty storage I would dream of having.

One day these things will be mine. For the meantime I shall carry on storing my make-up in a cardboard box (it's silver and sparkly, I'm not that bad) and hey, maybe I'll buy myself a cushion to sit on when I apply my make-up from the ground.

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