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Review: Vo5 Plump It Up Heat Defensive Volumising Spritz

Vo5 Plump It Up Heat Defensive Volumising Spritz - £3.89
If you've read a few of my other posts you'll know what troubles I have with my hair. It's very fine, very straight, and very flat. 

Therefore I am constantly searching for products which give my a hair a little 'oomph' - something which it is desperately lacking. So, when I am on the hunt for such miracle workers, I am after something which will give my hair volume but without leaving sticky, oily residue afterwards. Enter Vo5 Plump It Up Heat Defensive Volumising Spritz! I wanted to give this a try after reading Corrie rave about it on her blog and as her hair looks so lovely and voluminous all the time maybe this would help me too, right? Right?

Well, yes. For a little while. 

First things first, this product is Heat Defensive, meaning it will help protect against the heat from hair straighteners, hair dryers etc so hopefully your hair won't get quite so damaged. I don't usually bother with hair straighteners as my hair is so god-damn straight already there would be no point but on the off chance a hair dryer ever gets sight of my hair then this is definitely a plus. The back of the bottle suggests you spray this into your towel dried hair and style how you like. It also has a suggestion that for added 'oomph' you should spray at the roots and blow dry using a large, round brush. Now, I have tried both of these styling suggestions and one definitely out performs the other. 

First the toweled dried hair way: I did everything the bottle suggests; I washed my hair, stuck my head upside down, toweled out the excess then let it dry naturally for a little while. Then, when it was mostly dry, I sprayed it liberally all over my hair into the roots, rubbed it in a little bit, shaked my head up and down a little bit, prayed a little bit then finally looked in the mirror. Was I about to stare back into my reflection to see my hair looking a la Cheryl Cole? Was my hair going to be as bouncy in volume as a bouncy castle? Well no. But it definitely gave me more volume than before which was probably more likely to happen. It gave more realistic results than what I was hoping for but it didn't last very long. I felt that towards the end of the day I was back to square one which was a shame. On the plus side though it wasn't sticky or greasy in my hair and it smelt really good too.

The blow-dried way: Just like before I stuck my hair upside down, toweled out the excess of my wet hair, sprayed the Vo5 Plump It Up Volumising Spritz into my roots then blow-dried it. Were the results any better to the toweled dried hair way? Yes! My hair was much more voluminous than before and gave my hair much more height and body to it. Yes, blow drying your hair anyway does give your hair a bit of volume but I think this product works much better this way and as it's heat defensive you may as well make the product work for it's money haven't you? It seemed to last much longer too, I didn't feel that my hair became as flat as before whilst wearing it like using it the other way which is good.  

Overall I'm fairly pleased with this product. It doesn't work miracles but I felt like my hair looked much better for using it, not worse. As it's Heat Defensive I think it's a product that's multi-purpose and will appeal to a lot of people. We all long for voluminous hair don't we?! We'll get it one day people, we'll get it one day.

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