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Review: MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork

MAC Paint Pot - £15.50
A couple of weeks ago I was in MAC in Oxford with my little 4 year old friend. I was stood uhhming and ahhing over the eyeshadow All That Glitters and a Paint Pot in Groundwork. Me, being the terrible decision maker that I am, decided to get someone else's opinion. A four year old little girls opinion. Obviously she begged me to buy the very pink, very glittery pigment that she had been eyeing up ever since we walked into the shop.  As hard as it was to resist the urge to buy the pink pigment, I bought the MAC Paint Pot instead. My reasonings being I can just quickly apply it with my fingers for when I'm in a hurry and not have to worry about make-up brushes etc. But don't you worry, the eyeshadow will be mine one day!

Out of all of the colours in the MAC Paint Pot range, I decided I wanted a very neutral colour, one which won't take too much blending for a neutral eye so it would be suitable for those days when you're still trying to dress whilst walking out the door. Recently I've been using up an awful lot of my MUA Heaven & Earth Palette so I wanted to try and get a similiar tone to those neutral browns as they work well with my eye color. So I picked Groundwork.
The MAC website describes Groundwork as a "Mid tone neutral taupe" which is a very close description of the colour itself. In my eyes, it's the perfect neutral brown eye pigment which, because it applies with a matte finish, looks perfect on it's own or as a base underneath another eyeshadow.

MAC Paint Pots apply incredibly easily. The first time you use them they need a little bit of work but once you've warmed it and rubbed through the top layer you only need one or two swipes with your finger for each eyelid. I like to apply these with my fingers as I think it's much easier than trying to use a brush and also you can limit yourself to how much you use as a little does go a long way. Groundwork does apply a little sheer so you can build it up to whatever takes your fancy which I prefer as some days I'd like the colour more vibrant than others.

Groundwork acts as a great primer/base so it stays put all day. I applied this at 7am yesterday morning and took it off at 1AM this morning and it had not budged or creased at all which is very, very impressive!

Overall, I cannot recommend MAC Paint Pots enough. I already own Painterly (review here) which I adore and this one is certainly heading that way too. They are so buildable, last all day and also the little pot lasts a very, very long time! I've had Painterly since last May/June, I've worn it pretty much everyday since and I'm only just starting to make a dent in the product. Well worth the money!


  1. I really want to try a paint pot one day! Love the post hun! I've given you a Liebster Award on my blog :-) Check out this post to read the questions I thought up for you! http://whenitrainsitpours92.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/liebster-award-from-last-broken-road.html

    1. I think they're such a great value for money and they last for ages! That's so sweet of you, thank you! I'll definitely give your questions a go!x