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Recent Purchases: Cut Out Boots

New Look Cut Out Boots - £27.99
I have wanted a pair of cut out boots for ages. Ever since the very popular Arabel Topshop Boots came out I have lusted after a pair but I simply couldn't justify the high price tag. Now, typically, they're going for double the RRP on eBay as they're so darn popular so I had a little look into the alternatives.

So, when I saw a whole wall of them when I went to New Look recently I was very, very happy. They had them in an array of heights, textures, colours and cut-out-ness. The best bit? They're 1/4 of the price of the Topshop ones!

The pair that I bought are available in different heel heights. I wanted ones that I could wear every day so that's why I went for a low heel. There was a completely flat pair but they only came in suede and I didn't fancy wearing them in the rain in winter.

I absolutely love this pair. The only problem I've had with them is that I found that there weren't too many buckle holes so the straps were too loose and it felt like I was going to walk out of them so I made someone punch some holes in for me and now I can walk and not worry about them flinging off my feet. They go with pretty much everything and I can't wait until winter when I can wear them all the time!

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