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Review: Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish in Downtown Red

Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish - £2.99
A while ago I mentioned that I only had one red nail varnish which I subsequently gave to my sister as she favoured it more than I did. So, in guidelines with my 'one in, one out' rule I just had to buy another.

The red I chose is a lovely deep apple red which comes across a bit lighter in the photos than it is in real life. It's a real classic red which I do think I've been missing out on - who knew red nails went with pretty much everything?!

The Maybelline Color Show Nail Varnish in Downtown Red is a gorgeous, classic colour that will look absolutely fab during A/W. Usually I apply a different nail varnish each week but this lovely colour stayed on my nails for about a month as I love it so much! (With touch ups, of course.)

Now onto application! Downtown Red is a very opaque nail varnish and you could get away with one thick layer of it to completely cover your nails but I used two coats out of habit. You may notice in some of the photos that I had a tiny chip in my nail - this was after 2 days without a top coat which was a little frustrating but nothing that a little touch up wouldn't cure.

Fashion: Wear Now / Wear Later | House of Fraser Edit

It’s just about getting to that time of year where you have to start thinking about putting away all the pretty things you picked up over the summer… or is it? I’m a great believer that with a little imagination almost any dress can be styled from season to season. Swap delicate summer shoes for something a little sturdier – ankle boots are ideal for this as you can even slip on a pair of socks to keep your toes warm during the autumn months. Adding a thick knit or a biker jacket will offer warmth without hiding your pretty dress out of sight. A faux fur or marabou shawl makes the ideal cover-up to ward off an autumnal evening chill and don’t forget to pop on a pair of cosy tights - the possibilities are endless!

Here are some ideas of how to your summer clothes this season and next with a little help from the dresses from House of Fraser!
Her Curious Nature Ribbon Tie / Aldo Court Shoes / Oasis Spot Skater Dress / Untold Marabou Shrug / Office Love Bug Shoes

It's only when you look at your favourite dresses layed out like above that you realise how versatile dresses are! I can't wait to wear my pretty summer dresses in the Autumn/Winter roughed up with some cut-out boots and a biker jacket!

Will you be wearing your dresses in all seasons? I have a feeling I will be!

Review: MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork

MAC Paint Pot - £15.50
A couple of weeks ago I was in MAC in Oxford with my little 4 year old friend. I was stood uhhming and ahhing over the eyeshadow All That Glitters and a Paint Pot in Groundwork. Me, being the terrible decision maker that I am, decided to get someone else's opinion. A four year old little girls opinion. Obviously she begged me to buy the very pink, very glittery pigment that she had been eyeing up ever since we walked into the shop.  As hard as it was to resist the urge to buy the pink pigment, I bought the MAC Paint Pot instead. My reasonings being I can just quickly apply it with my fingers for when I'm in a hurry and not have to worry about make-up brushes etc. But don't you worry, the eyeshadow will be mine one day!

Out of all of the colours in the MAC Paint Pot range, I decided I wanted a very neutral colour, one which won't take too much blending for a neutral eye so it would be suitable for those days when you're still trying to dress whilst walking out the door. Recently I've been using up an awful lot of my MUA Heaven & Earth Palette so I wanted to try and get a similiar tone to those neutral browns as they work well with my eye color. So I picked Groundwork.
The MAC website describes Groundwork as a "Mid tone neutral taupe" which is a very close description of the colour itself. In my eyes, it's the perfect neutral brown eye pigment which, because it applies with a matte finish, looks perfect on it's own or as a base underneath another eyeshadow.

MAC Paint Pots apply incredibly easily. The first time you use them they need a little bit of work but once you've warmed it and rubbed through the top layer you only need one or two swipes with your finger for each eyelid. I like to apply these with my fingers as I think it's much easier than trying to use a brush and also you can limit yourself to how much you use as a little does go a long way. Groundwork does apply a little sheer so you can build it up to whatever takes your fancy which I prefer as some days I'd like the colour more vibrant than others.

Groundwork acts as a great primer/base so it stays put all day. I applied this at 7am yesterday morning and took it off at 1AM this morning and it had not budged or creased at all which is very, very impressive!

Overall, I cannot recommend MAC Paint Pots enough. I already own Painterly (review here) which I adore and this one is certainly heading that way too. They are so buildable, last all day and also the little pot lasts a very, very long time! I've had Painterly since last May/June, I've worn it pretty much everyday since and I'm only just starting to make a dent in the product. Well worth the money!

Review: Vo5 Plump It Up Heat Defensive Volumising Spritz

Vo5 Plump It Up Heat Defensive Volumising Spritz - £3.89
If you've read a few of my other posts you'll know what troubles I have with my hair. It's very fine, very straight, and very flat. 

Therefore I am constantly searching for products which give my a hair a little 'oomph' - something which it is desperately lacking. So, when I am on the hunt for such miracle workers, I am after something which will give my hair volume but without leaving sticky, oily residue afterwards. Enter Vo5 Plump It Up Heat Defensive Volumising Spritz! I wanted to give this a try after reading Corrie rave about it on her blog and as her hair looks so lovely and voluminous all the time maybe this would help me too, right? Right?

Well, yes. For a little while. 

First things first, this product is Heat Defensive, meaning it will help protect against the heat from hair straighteners, hair dryers etc so hopefully your hair won't get quite so damaged. I don't usually bother with hair straighteners as my hair is so god-damn straight already there would be no point but on the off chance a hair dryer ever gets sight of my hair then this is definitely a plus. The back of the bottle suggests you spray this into your towel dried hair and style how you like. It also has a suggestion that for added 'oomph' you should spray at the roots and blow dry using a large, round brush. Now, I have tried both of these styling suggestions and one definitely out performs the other. 

First the toweled dried hair way: I did everything the bottle suggests; I washed my hair, stuck my head upside down, toweled out the excess then let it dry naturally for a little while. Then, when it was mostly dry, I sprayed it liberally all over my hair into the roots, rubbed it in a little bit, shaked my head up and down a little bit, prayed a little bit then finally looked in the mirror. Was I about to stare back into my reflection to see my hair looking a la Cheryl Cole? Was my hair going to be as bouncy in volume as a bouncy castle? Well no. But it definitely gave me more volume than before which was probably more likely to happen. It gave more realistic results than what I was hoping for but it didn't last very long. I felt that towards the end of the day I was back to square one which was a shame. On the plus side though it wasn't sticky or greasy in my hair and it smelt really good too.

The blow-dried way: Just like before I stuck my hair upside down, toweled out the excess of my wet hair, sprayed the Vo5 Plump It Up Volumising Spritz into my roots then blow-dried it. Were the results any better to the toweled dried hair way? Yes! My hair was much more voluminous than before and gave my hair much more height and body to it. Yes, blow drying your hair anyway does give your hair a bit of volume but I think this product works much better this way and as it's heat defensive you may as well make the product work for it's money haven't you? It seemed to last much longer too, I didn't feel that my hair became as flat as before whilst wearing it like using it the other way which is good.  

Overall I'm fairly pleased with this product. It doesn't work miracles but I felt like my hair looked much better for using it, not worse. As it's Heat Defensive I think it's a product that's multi-purpose and will appeal to a lot of people. We all long for voluminous hair don't we?! We'll get it one day people, we'll get it one day.

Review: Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Eau de Parfum

Firstly, how exquisite is the bottle?! I've been a fan of Vera Wang's perfumes for a while now. First I get drawn in by the pretty, girly bottles then I have a little smell and realise that they don't only have the packaging going for them, they smell amazing too.

This perfume is called Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush, another perfume under the Lovestruck name. With the original being contained in a cute pink bottle with pink flowers on the top, this is the more edgier version with dark purple and a bow finishing the bottle off perfectly.

Does it smell more edgier? Not really! As this perfume is titled 'Floral Rush' it gives a slight clue as to what it's going to smell like but here is what's in it:

"Floral Rush opens with luxurious top notes of champagne, pink pepper and apricot blossom, fusing seamlessly with the floral hearts of freesia, marigold and pink passion flower, all of which sits neatly on top of a smooth base of ambergris, cashmere and musks."

Sounds nice doesn't it? I can't really pinpoint a smell that smells similar nor can I really describe it but it smells divine. In my personal opinion of course, if you don't like floral smells then this won't appeal to you. Either way, next time you go to Boots etc, pick up this beautiful bottle and give it a little try - apparently this is the smell that's supposed to remind you of falling in love. I've never been in love but if this is what it smells like then I may be in for a treat.

This is the perfect, girly every day scent that isn't sickly sweet at all, nor is it overpowering. I don't usually like very girly, sweet perfumes but I adore this one. Don't take my word for it though, if you ever see it in a shop give it a little spray!

Recent Purchases: Cut Out Boots

New Look Cut Out Boots - £27.99
I have wanted a pair of cut out boots for ages. Ever since the very popular Arabel Topshop Boots came out I have lusted after a pair but I simply couldn't justify the high price tag. Now, typically, they're going for double the RRP on eBay as they're so darn popular so I had a little look into the alternatives.

So, when I saw a whole wall of them when I went to New Look recently I was very, very happy. They had them in an array of heights, textures, colours and cut-out-ness. The best bit? They're 1/4 of the price of the Topshop ones!

The pair that I bought are available in different heel heights. I wanted ones that I could wear every day so that's why I went for a low heel. There was a completely flat pair but they only came in suede and I didn't fancy wearing them in the rain in winter.

I absolutely love this pair. The only problem I've had with them is that I found that there weren't too many buckle holes so the straps were too loose and it felt like I was going to walk out of them so I made someone punch some holes in for me and now I can walk and not worry about them flinging off my feet. They go with pretty much everything and I can't wait until winter when I can wear them all the time!