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Review: George Gel Pro Nail Varnish in Deep Purple

George Gel Pro Nail Varnish - £3.00
A while ago I was on the hunt for a new nail varnish in ASDA when I saw that they had a brand new line of 'gel like' nail varnishes called George Gel Pro Nail Varnish. A lovely pinky coral jumped out at me but I already have a few of those so I was torn between a deep red and a purple. Evidently I bought the purple but I probably will buy the red too.

The nail varnish I bought was the George Gel Pro Nail Varnish in Deep Purple. In different lights it looks different colours, sometimes it looks black, navy and sometimes it looks like a vivid purple but in natural light on the nails it looks like a deep plum. It is very similar to the Barry M Hi Shine Gel Nail Paint in Blackberry, which I also own. 

The nail varnish is fairly opaque but it looked a little patchy in places so I applied 2 generous coats. It lasted well over a week before chipping which was fab - I don't really enjoy the process of painting my nails and the longest I can get away without painting them the better! I really liked this nail varnish, I don't know how often I'll use it as I have to be in a bit of a 'mood' to wear dark colours like this but I'll definitely buy more in the range.

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