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Review: Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara

Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara - £6.29
I'm going to start this review by saying I have a problem with mascara. There. I said it. I cannot apply it to my bottom lashes for love nor money. Most people, normal people, don't have a problem with applying mascara - one person online even saying "I've never had a problem with mascara and have never got it on my skin before, I can't see how people can struggle with it" (miaow) but I do have a problem. And I need help.

Now you may be thinking "Oooh, is she going to say this mascara she's reviewing is her holy grail? The end to her problems?" well, no. I'm building up anticipation. The mascara I'm about to review is fairly good but like most things, it has it's faults.

A while ago, when it first hit the shops, I bought Seventeen's Doll'd Up Mascara from Boots with a voucher (I think I paid £2 for it) to see what it was like. The packaging is nice but I'm not entirely sure that it would have jumped out at me from amongst the shelves had I just been browsing.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara promises: "Up to 24hr curl & wide-eyed volume for doll like lashes" - Does it live up to its claims? Kinda.

Firstly, the brush is fairly slim with short, hard bristles. It has a slight curve in it to help achieve perfect application which you can tilt to get the best angle for applying to the top/bottom lashes. I actually really like this type of mascara wand. The short bristles help to get to the eyelashes in the corners of the eye and other hard-to-reach areas.
As you can see I can't help but get it everywhere. I can never not get it on the skin under my eyelashes!. This is with every mascara by the way, not just with this one. So far I have applied two coats, both times the mascara is so wet that when I blink it transfers to my top eyelids, on some days this has ruined my eye make-up completely. With the mascara itself my eyelashes have appeared a little thicker and definitely more 'wide-eyed' like the packaging suggests. So far so good.

But then..
I sneezed. 

Darn you hayfever. See what I mean about it being wet?!
By applying three coats my lashes definitely look thicker and definitely more wide-eyed but I can't see past the the wetness of this mascara. As it's so wet it makes the eyelashes clump  together but once it dried I use an eyelash brush and separated them. 

One thing that this mascara hasn't given me is curled eyelashes. I didn't curl them for the review to see how it faired and it just seemed to make them stay straight, it doesn't improve them at all. Overall, it's a nice mascara that gives my eyes a 'doll' effect but it's very wet and it doesn't curl my eyelashes like it's supposed to. I like it but I don't think I'd buy it again.

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  1. Love you blog posts, they help me so much when deciding on products. And don't worry i am exactly the same when applying mascara to by bottom lashes.