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Review: Provoke Touch Of Silver Daily Maintenance Shampoo

As you may all be aware, I ombre'd my hair last year and since then I've found it hard maintaining my blonde ends. Recently I've noticed, and been told, that my hair is looking a little ginger in places which, as nice enough ginger is, it wasn't the look I was hoping for.

So, I thought to myself, how do I rectify this? My first thought was to re-dye it but on a little trip to the supermarket I saw some purple shampoos which are supposed to neutralize brassiness in the hair and for a few measly pounds I thought they were better than nothing.

The shampoo I picked up is from the brand Provoke and I picked up the Provoke Touch Of Silver Daily Maintenance Shampoo with Optical Brightener.

The bottle claims to "actively neutralize brassiness in grey, white and blonde hair with the Optical Brightener instantly boosting shine resulting in fresh, healthy looking hair" - sounds good doesn't it? But does it work? Ah, well I'll get onto that one.

The shampoo itself is purple but once lathered into the hair it looks like normal shampoo so it doesn't wash out purple like I first thought. I apply a good amount of this just to the ends of my hair, (I avoid applying it to my natural hair colour as it won't make any difference to it) lather then wash off.

It is named a Daily Maintenance Shampoo but as I don't wash my hair everyday, I just use this shampoo once or twice a week and what a difference it has made! Long gone are my gingery ends! I now have the blonde hair I originally wanted, all thanks to a shampoo.
Look at the difference! I am SO impressed with this shampoo. It's taken me about 2 months of using this once or twice a week to get it in this condition but it's definitely worth the time it's taken. Also you don't need to use too much and I still have well over half the contents of the bottle left so it lasts a while too. 

I cannot recommend this shampoo enough if you have blonde/grey/white hair and are struggling with brassiness or just want to maintain your hair colour. It's a little miracle in a bottle and the best part? You can buy it from Asda!

It's also worth noting that you can get different products in Provoke's Touch Of Silver product range so keep your eye out for them too.

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