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Outfits: The Celine Tee

Jacket - New Look
Necklace - eBay
Jeans - H&M

I've been seeing loads of Celine tops on tumblr and thought to myself 'I want one too!' so I went on a little hunt on ebay to find a look-a-likey. I ended up buying this one for £5.99, it looked nice in the photo and it was fairly cheap so I paid before I could change my mind.

The seller I bought this from states it being 'super fast delivery' but I waited nearly 3 weeks for mine. Eventually they sent me another after I demanded another one and that one arrived in less than 24 hours so maybe it is fast after all.

I was a little concerned at the size of the top when it arrived as it did seem a little big but it fits nicely and has an oversized feel about it. I did tuck it in/roll it up as it was a little long though. I threw on my trusty biker jacket, black jeans and some converse and that was about it really! I do want to do some more outfit posts but it's hard when I wear the same stuff pretty much all the time!

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  1. hope you like my blog, i have similar outfits :)